August 2014

MYCIN, Watson, and AI History

By Adam Elkus
Over at Wired, a headline blares “Artificial Intelligence Is Now Telling Doctors How To Treat You.” Sounds unique, novel, and even scary. Those AIs are replacing humans, to the point where even the detailed knowledge of…

EMA Rheumatology Helps Me Find Rheum To Do It All

By Elana M. Oberstein, MD, MPH
As a practicing rheumatologist and mother of three young children under the age of ten, I am perpetually trying to juggle my time. Between seeing my patient load in clinic and getting out of the office in time for flag…

What’s Next for Health IT Right Now

By Scott Rupp
Given the tremendous and on-going changes currently taking place in health IT, especially the recent delay in ICD-10, and the ever on-going issues surrounding meaningful use, we remain in a turbulent, yet revolutionary time…

Taxi alternatives could improve service

By Business Monday CEO Roundtable
The Miami Herald CEO Roundtable, comprised of more than two dozen CEOs and senior executives from the region’s key industries, aims to provide a temperature check of local economic conditions and business opinions on…

An Invitation to EMA Users from CEO Dan Cane

By Dan Cane, CEO
Dr. Michael Sherling and I are thrilled to see the hundreds of our valued clients from each of our surgical specialties already registered for the upcoming users conference. If you haven't yet, register now for EMA Nation…