November 2014

Gifts to thank clients, employees

By Business Monday CEO Roundtable
South Florida's business leaders - including Modernizing Medicine CEO Dan Cane - answer the question: What is the best corporate holiday gift you ever got or gave, and why?

What Can Big Data Do for Doctors?

By Michael Sherling, MD, MBA
Electronic medical records and big data have huge promise for improving medicine, but creating a system that works for physicians is a daunting task. By starting with a single specialty—dermatology—Modernizing Medicine…

Who Pushes the Buttons in Boca?

By Randy Schultz
Thirty years ago, a handful of influential, concerned citizens doubled as agents of change in Boca. Today, the people and entities that drive agendas and affect our growth represent a variety of interests and backgrounds.…

Mobile EHR Use

By John Lynn
One of the most fascinating sessions I attended recently was by Mihai Fonoage talking about the “Future of Mobile” at EMA Nation (Modernizing Medicine’s EHR user conference where I was keynote). At the start of the…

Multitasking Made Easier with EMA Rheumatology

By Elana M. Oberstein, MD, MPH
“Multitasking:” The recipe for survival in a world asking more and more of healthcare professionals. Every morning I wake up, take a deep breath and hope that I can get “it” all done in one day. This characterizes the…