October 2016

South Florida 100 Forum – October 30

By Staff Report
Daniel Cane, President and CEO, Modernizing Medicine Last week: News that I find compelling is that Affordable Care Act premiums are expected to increase by an average of 25 percent. This is significant for a number of…

Modernizing Medicine Releases modmed 5.0

By Staff Report
Specialty-specific health information technology company Modernizing Medicine, Inc. has released the latest edition of its software, modmed 5.0, offering a fully-integrated, cloud-based approach to mobile EHR and practice…

5 Insider Parenting Tips to Modern Parenthood

By Mandy Long
Mandy Long epitomizes a successful woman climbing the corporate ladder in an award-winning health IT company. Her greatest accomplishment though? Her three children. Mandy is passionate about moms returning to the working…

Understanding MACRA

By Joe Lavelle
TODAY'S GUEST Dr. Michael Sherling, Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer at Modernizing Medicine  Dr. Sherling re-joined us in light the recent updates from CMS to aid our audience in Understanding MACRA. …

3 Key Takeaways: MOMENTUM

By Modernizing Medicine
It’s true that the practice of medicine might be getting more challenging, but not for Modernizing Medicine® users. Co-founders Dan Cane and Dr. Michael Sherling personally invite all of our users to join us at our…