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5 Things to Know about modmed 5.0


If you’re not a client but want to learn more about the new suite of services for your specialty, request a demo here or email us at

modmed 5.0 has arrived! The latest release of our cloud-based, specialty-specific software system includes many new enhancements, so we selected five key updates that we’d like to make sure you know about. Modernizing Medicine started as an electronic health record (EHR) system company looking to redefine what an EHR system should do. We quickly became a dominant force in our specialties, using our in-house physician expertise and client feedback to help guide our roadmap. Through this process we heard our clients asking for an end-to-end solution, so we invested in new products and services in order to meet these needs.

With the modmed 5.0 release, here are five things to know about Modernizing Medicine’s products and services.

  1. The Suite Approach with New Products. As Modernizing Medicine grows, we are shifting our focus on expanding our speciality-specific suites. For example, what was once known as EMA Dermatology is now modmed Dermatology and EMA Orthopedics is now modmed Orthopedics, etc. With these suites, we shift our focus to developing your practice’s clinical, financial (read about Howard Bueller and Boca Raton Dermatology’s experience) and operational needs. The new members of this suite family which are now generally available include:
    • Practice Management: a modern all-in-one system for scheduling, document management, billing and reporting designed to help improve practice workflows and boost patient payments. Learn more here and read about the one of our Alpha practices, Balcones Dermatology.
    • modmed Telehealth (for modmed Dermatology customers): rather than trying to practice dermatology through text messages and emails, have a deeper experience with your patients and get paid for your time through our HIPAA­ compliant telemedicine platform. Learn more here.
    • Pathology (for modmed Dermatology customers): perfect for your in-house lab; document and bill your pathology reports seamlessly within modmed Dermatology. Learn more here.
    • Revenue Cycle Management: comprehensive billing services that help you quickly get paid what you deserve. Learn more here. What to know more about RCM and why it matters to your practice? Read more here.

Here’s a visual breakdown of how this suite approach works for each of the specialties.

Dermatology EHR Modernizing Medicine

  1. Specialized Registries. In 5.0 we concentrated on Specialized Registries for providers to opt into for the Public Health objective for Meaningful Use. For example, our Orthopedic-Specific Specialized Registries for Medial Meniscus Tear and Acute Plantar Fasciitis. Providers can easily opt in under their administrator’s settings.
  1. Clinical Lab Integrations with Quest and LabCorp. Our company was founded to save physicians time, and in the 5.0 refresh, we’ve made a big leap forward in our support of workflows around clinical lab orders and results. Users can now activate clinical lab integrations with Quest and LabCorp. Not only can you order right from their compendium of tests, but you can receive results electronically right into the patient’s chart tied to the order – no more scanning attachments or entering results manually. Plus, you can trend specific lab values over time from within the results experience.
  1. Robust & Seamless. With modmed 5.0 comes an enhanced user experience and more consistency throughout the entire suite. Part of this release is focused around ensuring that we are being smart on the details and providing you with a seamless experience between our comprehensive suite of products, whether you’re using EMA on the iPad or Practice Management on the web.
  1. Same Online Customer Support Center, New Name. Modernizing Medicine’s 24/7 online support center, previously known as EMA Central, is now modmed Central. Although the name has changed, clients can still access helpful instructional documents and videos learn about new announcements and system alerts, and share best practices and ideas with Modernizing Medicine team members and users across the community.

Want to Know More?

Clients can check your email inboxes for updated information and log into modmed Central.

If you’re not a client but want to learn more about the new suite of services for your specialty, request a demo here or email us at For more information, read the press release here.

Welcome to the suite life!


The Author

Mandy Long
Vice President of Product Management, Medical and Data

Mandy Long is the Vice President of Product Management, Medical and Data at Modernizing Medicine. She is responsible for the product strategy and direction of Modernizing Medicine’s medical and data software portfolio. She drives the product road map and the expansion of Modernizing Medicine’s products and services offerings to its rapidly evolving user base.

Mandy has spent her career in healthcare technology. Prior to joining Modernizing Medicine in 2014, she was the Vice President of Product Management for Experian Health (previously Passport Health Communications, Inc.), serving 3,060 hospitals and 10,000 other healthcare organizations representing 350,000 providers nationwide in the patient access and revenue cycle solutions space. Prior to Passport, Mandy held a number of senior leadership positions at Epic, including Application Success Owner, Install Process Owner, and Senior Project Manager. Mandy holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Connecticut College. Connect with Mandy on LinkedIn.