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We had a chance to speak with our partners at Miraca and they shared some insight into why Miraca Life Sciences + EMA Dermatology™ + Your practice is better together.

Q: What makes Miraca different?
A: Our unique approach coupled with our results makes us different, in the best way possible. Our unique approach to anatomic pathology shows in our results. In 2014-2015, our concordance with outside academic institutions was 99.67%.

There are five essential components of our unique approach.

  • Consensus Medicine: We practice consensus medicine daily, through our terminology, diagnostic criteria, evaluation protocols, disease-focused reviews and daily subspecialty conferences for difficult and challenging cases.
  • Comprehensive Expertise: Miraca systematically leverages our collective expertise within each subspecialty. Each pathologist is responsible for an area of focus—monitoring medical literature, vetting the latest testing, educating and elevating the performance of the entire team. Other pathology groups do not (or cannot) develop experts in all areas.
  • Rigorous Care of Specimens: Through our state-of-the-art labs, Miraca maintains specimen integrity and provides optimal material for pathologists. Our processes include video receipt of each package, double-blind accessioning, 2D barcodes and point-to-point tracking.
  • Innovation and Research: Our Innovation Committee reviews each new test’s validation, justification, and clinical relevance. Additionally, our pathologists are active in research—each year publishing book chapters and numerous articles in peer-reviewed journals. In fact, Miraca pathologists are cited more than three times the average for academic clinical medicine.
  • Improving Care through Technology: Miraca uses structured data for our pathology reports, offering a national benchmark database, allowing for quality reporting, and enabling diagnostic summary reports.

Q: Why are Miraca, EMA and your practice better together?
A: With Miraca’s enhanced interface, pathology results flow seamlessly into EMA as structured data, facilitating your reporting requirements. It’s a win-win.

Q: What have physicians had to say about your services?
A: Our physicians are certainly the best ambassadors. Dr. Sophie Shirin, a dermatologist and practice owner in Encino, California shared, “I was scared and reluctant to go to an EMR system. Choosing EMA Dermatology was one of the best business decisions I have ever made. My partnership with Miraca was the second decision that I am deeply satisfied with. I recommend EMA Dermatology and Miraca to all my colleagues unequivocally.”

Q: How do Miraca and Modernizing Medicine tie into the future of a physician’s practice?
A: The future of practices will depend on structured diagnosis data, because it enables the quality programs that will determine practices’ reimbursement—either maximized incentives or minimized penalties. The relationship between Miraca and Modernizing Medicine enables practices to be ready for the journey to 2024. We have the roadmap!

Q: What can attendees at upcoming shows learn from stopping by your booth?
A: Our practice consultants and technology managers will be more than happy to share how Miraca benefits practices beyond our distinguished pathology services.

To find out more visit Miraca’s website.
 *This post is a paid advertisement by Miraca Life Sciences.

The Author

Joy Jennings
Director of Marketing at Miraca Life Sciences