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Big Idea 2016: The Unicorn Bubble Will Burst. Here’s What Will Happen Next.

My Entrepreneur Journeys book “Billion Dollar Unicorns” came out in December 2014. Leading up to it and after, I have had the opportunity to interview over 50 Unicorn entrepreneurs, and another 20 or so potential Unicorns.

By now, I imagine that you have read plenty of coverage predicting the crash of 2016. Experts hastily point out that it will be nothing like the Dotcom crash when middle class savings got destroyed. No.

The good ones [unicorns], especially those who have been building with an eye on fundamentals, will continue to thrive. Let me point you to a few great ones that we’ve had as guests at our roundtables, and whom you may not have heard of yet: Dan Cane is a serial entrepreneur, and he is building Modernizing Medicine methodically from Florida. I believe the company will sustain just fine, as would Bullhorn, led by Art Papas out of Boston,

Source: LinkedIn
By: Sramana Mitra on in News