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As we gear up to head to the west coast for the American Urological Association (AUA), I wanted to share three of the key physician benefits of our specialty-specific electronic health record (EHR) system, modmed EMA™ for Urology. First, let me share the why and the how I became one of the on-staff physicians at Modernizing Medicine.

A colleague of mine introduced me to Modernizing Medicine’s Electronic Medical Assistant® (EMA™), and I learned that the company was interested in developing modmed EMA for Urology. I participated in a demo and was absolutely blown away. It’s a paradigm shift from what we as physicians are used to and the current technology available. I decided to join the Modernizing Medicine team as the Medical Director for modmed EMA Urology to help develop the product for my peers who are in need of the features and benefits that our EHR system offers.

I know you must be wondering what sets our system apart from other EHR systems out there. I’ll outline a few of the key takeaways that differentiate our product, and be sure to come by booth #5307 during AUA to see a live demo. I would love the opportunity to share my experiences and answer your questions in person.

  1. Built by Urologists. modmed EMA was developed for urologists by practicing urologists like myself and is tailored to the way we practice. It streamlines workflows and eliminates the need to constantly reinvent the wheel. I only want to enter data once, whether it’s a certain diagnosis, physical exam finding or a procedure or plan that we want to implement. modmed EMA eliminates the redundancy of documenting different counseling discussions and learns what your standard practices are; it adapts and implements with ease. By adapting to your preferences and learning your practice patterns, modmed EMA reduces the time necessary to search for diagnoses, tests, prescriptions, etc. because the data presents itself in a relevant manner to the current disease. The urology-specific content drives the questions in the history taking, obviating the need for templates. This allows for diagnosis-specific exam findings and management plans which are truly unique.
  2. Improves Outcomes. modmed EMA helps urologists track and achieve better treatment outcomes, which supports the industry movement toward quality of care reporting and outcome based reimbursement and putting you ahead of the game for the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS). Another unbelievably powerful feature of modmed EMA is the capture and use of structured data. It can look at what physicians do from an objective standpoint, measure outcomes and responses and evaluate their efficiency. That’s a truly valuable resource that you’re able to harness. EMA Grand Rounds® is a feature which analyzes and synthesizes the clinical data of urologists across the country to provide clinical and decision support at the point of care. With EMA Grand Rounds, less time is spent researching answers to clinical questions, and instead the data is provided in a clinically relevant manner. The approach of using and capturing structured data is an invaluable resource both to individual practitioners as well as to the field of urology at large for population health.
  3. Enhances Patient Interaction. The fact that modmed EMA runs on a native iPad application really enhances the patient/physician relationship. Having the iPad to document in real time allows you to capture the interaction while still maintaining eye contact rather than having to turn your back to the patient to type or jot down notes and then step out of the exam room to dictate or transcribe. The interpersonal relationship in an intimate setting is very powerful. Furthermore, the iPad platform allows for more improved patient education. You are able to show real time drawings on a 3D anatomical atlas and capture visually what’s been conveyed in your notes, then refer back to them as needed. modmed EMA provides a visual aid to complement the verbal counseling and discussions you have with the patient.

Our team and I look forward to meeting you at this year’s AUA meeting. I’ll be at booth 5307 and look forward to showing you the power that modmed EMA holds for your urology practice.

Aaron Stoklosa
Aaron Stoklosa

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