3 Key Takeaways: MOMENTUM

It’s true that the practice of medicine might be getting more challenging, but not for Modernizing Medicine® users. Co-founders Dan Cane and Dr. Michael Sherling personally invite all of our users to join us at our MOMENTUM (formerly EMA Nation) users conference. Together we will discover how we can survive and thrive in the current practice environment and build towards an even brighter future.

1. How to make more money

  • Identify revenue gaps with our new Analytics platform
  • Build new revenue streams through innovations like modmed Telehealth™

2. Ways to save more time

  • Increase the efficiency of your staff through the patient portal
  • Utilize the 2015 Hackathon-winning medication history automated solution

3. Have more fun

  • Prevent doctor burnout by letting us help you with quality measures and MIPS/MACRA
  • Leverage new ideas shared by your colleagues from different specialties

Check out both the pre-conference and main conference agendas so you can plan ahead. We’re most excited to share these new sessions with you this year.

  • Excel with Analytics: You’ll see the new clinical and operational tool in EMA™, which will help you measure your performance and prepare for MACRA and MIPS.
  • Patient Engagement: Learn the success stories of how your peers achieved better patient engagement in their practice by leveraging the patient portal, modmed Telehealth and other tools.
  • Introducing Practice Management: Remember this big announcement at last year’s user conference? We sure do! And it’s available now. Don’t just manage your practice; help optimize it with Practice Management – designed to streamline the financial and operational flow of information.
  • Don’t Sweat It: MU Audits: Afraid of getting that dreaded letter from a MU auditor? Learn what auditors ask for and how to prepare to pass.

What was Dr. Sherling’s favorite aspect of the conference?

“The things that I love best about MOMENTUM include the advanced workshops where I can learn new tips and tricks, and workflows that will save me time. And it really helps beginning users understand how the system can make them more efficient – and this is so valuable.”

Plus, don’t miss hearing Stanford Professor and noted physician and author Dr. Abraham Verghese deliver the keynote address.

Want to know the 9 reasons you should attend this year’s conference? Click here. 

Aaron Stoklosa
Aaron Stoklosa

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