6 Reasons to Register for EMA Nation Users Conference

Why should you attend EMA Nation 2014? Aren’t users conferences designed for businesses using high tech?

They sure are…and you are a business using highillustrated people learning, networking, sharing, innovating tech.

No matter how small or large your practice is, you should attend EMA Nation 2014 and bring as many of your EMA™ users as possible. Take off your medical hat for a moment and think about your business drivers:

  • Improved performance
  • Greater efficiencies
  • Sharpened expertise
  • And many more

Meeting with EMA experts, discovering new product innovations, learning best practices and collaboratively sharing experiences will help you get the most out of EMA, contribute to continued product development and deliver more business value to your practice.

This is the purpose of EMA Nation 2014.

Regular rates end on Wednesday, October 1. Hotel prices go up at midnight that night too. So take advantage of our promotion “Bring Three and Get One Free” pricing. For every three members of your practice you register to attend, you get a fourth registration free! And we have other options for larger groups.

Visit here to register for or learn more about EMA Nation.


Aaron Stoklosa
Aaron Stoklosa

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