7 Reasons Behind the Painless Transition

modmed EMA™ for Pain Management 

From paper to an electronic health record (EHR) system back to paper and then to modmed EMA. That’s the condensed version of the EHR system implementation story from National Spine & Pain Centers (NSPC) based in Mid-Atlantic region. Dr. Aneesh Singla was part of NSPC’s task force when deciding to make the necessary switch to an EHR system again.

Here are the seven reasons why the transition to modmed EMA for Pain Management was a painless one for this multi-location practice.

1. Specialty-specific. What appealed to NSPC was that the specialty-specific platform was built around the clinician as opposed to the clinician having to customize it, like the practice’s previously attempted EHR system. Dr. Singla and the team from NSPC worked closely with Modernizing Medicine to help build the pain management-specific content. The system is designed and coded by real pain management physicians that understand the workflow and it’s constantly evolving.

The first generation of EHR systems were not designed with physicians in mind; Dr. Singla’s opinion was that they were built primarily to serve as billing platforms with the clinical needs of the providers as an “add-on” feature. Prior to modmed EMA, his practice had to have additional staff dedicated to building templates that constantly needed changing based on individual provider preferences.

2. Adaptive Learning. An ideal timesaving feature, Protocols in modmed EMA lets Dr. Singla and the practice’s other doctors create master visits for frequently encountered conditions. This information can be entered once and then applied to any exam.

It gives Dr. Singla the ability to enter a diagnosis and then automatically displays top plans. He doesn’t have to search through multiple screens; in just a few clicks, he’s done.

3. The Implementation Process. The implementation of modmed EMA for Dr. Singla’s office was handled by a phased-in-approach. Understandably so, Dr. Singla was not willing to accept any decrease in patient volume during this process. The practice started by seeing a few patients each day in modmed EMA with the remaining balance seen with the traditional, paper-based format. Then, the practice ramped up volume daily, which became easier over time since the system is designed to adapt to the individual clinician. The practice’s goals were to select a system that would allow the physicians to see the same number of or more patients and maintain or increase revenue, while decreasing costs. So far the results with using modmed EMA have met the goals.

4. Structured Data. Another great advantage is the organization of structured data which helps streamline workflow. For instance Dr. Singla may review an MRI, note or receive lab results from an outside physician and the system allows him to manage that information effectively.

5. The Cloud. Cloud-based technology (versus a server) has a few different benefits. The first is that it allows for real-time documentation. With a multi-location and multi-physician practice, accessibility is key. It enables records to be accessed virtually 24/7 from any location.

6. Patient Engagement: With the photo functionally that the iPad offers, if a patient has a disc herniation of L4-5, for example, Dr. Singla is able to take a photo of the MRI and attach it to the patient’s chart. Now when he explains the diagnosis to the patient, that picture is at his fingertips electronically and gives him the ability to engage with them more and refer to it at anytime. A picture is worth a thousand words and patients truly appreciate the ability to engage with their physician on this level.

7. Documentation Speed. The tap and touch technology of the iPad interface has increased efficiency, saving Dr. Singla time. “modmed EMA is far more user friendly and intuitive than other EHR systems I’ve experienced. I really enjoy using the iPad and the portability it provides is very convenient,” said Dr. Singla. “Before we went through the vetting process I wasn’t confident any EHR system would live up to paper. modmed EMA has proven me wrong saving me at least five minutes per patient. I have the ability to see the same volume of patients as I did with paper, sometimes even more, while overall having less time spent on documentation.”

Modernizing Medicine
Modernizing Medicine

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