The Eye and Laser Center Shares Its Story

Learn how The Eye & Laser Center Streamlines Practice Operations and Improves Business Outcomes by using modmed® Ophthalmology’s Specialty-specific Solutions

We had the opportunity to connect with Noah England, the Practice Administrator at The Eye & Laser Center in Lancaster, S.C. and learn more about how the practice after years of using paper, decided it was time to research electronic medical record (EMR) companies and make a switch to an ophthalmology EMR system.

This six-provider team enlisted the help of Noah England, to spearhead the electronic conversion project. Not only does Noah have over 20 years of experience working with EHR and practice management systems, he also helped start the first paperless medical practice in the nation. After reviewing 25 systems, the team unanimously decided to implement modmed Ophthalmology, Modernizing Medicine’s suite of solutions that includes the award-winning EHR system, EMA™Practice Management (PM) and Analytics platform.

Q: How did you determine that Modernizing Medicine® was the right EMR company with the right ophthalmology software for your practice?

Noah: After an extensive review of multiple systems, we narrowed the vendors down to four and traveled to visit each company. The decision to choose modmed Ophthalmology was undivided. The physicians liked how intuitive and easy to use the native iPad application is and having a specialty-specific, all-in-one system was ideal. Ophthalmologists designed EMA because Modernizing Medicine realizes that programmers do not use the software; the physicians do. That sets them apart from other companies and we value this important aspect.

Q: Can you share with us a bit about the training process and the transition off of paper to an ophthalmology EMR system?

Noah: We began training with the mindset that an EHR system is not an electronic version of a paper chart and we’d need to change the way we practice. Some people mistakenly think they can participate in a half day training, open with a full schedule the following day and then blame the EHR system if their efficiency goes down. Thorough training and a thought out implementation process are key. What sets Modernizing Medicine apart is that their training is vastly superior to other training programs I’ve experienced. Their team asks “What works for you?” and listens rather than telling us we need to use EMA a certain way.

Q: How did you help your staff make this transition and learn the new ophthalmology software?

Noah: We set up a learning center at our office and required everyone to spend four hours over three weeks watching training videos, followed by onsite training by Modernizing Medicine’s educators. We created test scenarios in EMA and PM and offered friends and family free eye exams so the staff could practice. The easy to use system, knowledgeable trainers and the ability to walk through the visit gave the staff confidence. The first week of go live we reduced our schedules, but by the second week we returned to full patient volume and left the office by 5:30pm.

Q: There is a growing importance to automate processes and have access to insightful data at your fingertips. How has your new ophthalmology EHR system helped increase efficiency?

Noah: modmed Ophthalmology helped us to greatly improve efficiency, nearly eliminate paper and develop methods to track production and monitor flow. We benchmark our providers to MIPS’ standards, and view which testing and procedures we over or underutilize. For example, I can determine how many cataract surgeries our providers performed last month in 25 seconds versus manually searching paper charts or multiple systems to find that information. Also, calculating surgery referral commissions took days and now takes minutes. The Analytics platform gathers the data and presents it in a format that is digestible and easy to understand. The numbers are at my fingertips – no guesswork required.

As with any product or service, there are times when you need a little extra help along the way. Can you share with us your experience with the company’s support team?

Noah: A great product is only as good as its support. Modernizing Medicine’s support team is very responsive and their ticketing tool is a vast improvement over those of other companies I’ve experienced. We have committed to modmed Ophthalmology and Modernizing Medicine continues to stay committed to supporting us.

Key Benefits of Modernizing Medicine’s ophthalmology EMR system include:

  • Ophthalmology-specific all-in-one solution
  • Superior training ensures a smooth implementation
  • Dynamic reporting capabilities track practice performance
  • Ongoing support aids in remaining successful
Aaron Stoklosa
Aaron Stoklosa

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