Here Are Some Top ASC Conferences of 2019. Are You Attending?

Here’s what you should know to help make the most out of attending your next ambulatory surgery center conference.

So much to do and so little time. That’s why before you decide on which ASC meetings to attend, you should exercise your due diligence to find out if it’s aligned with your professional and business objectives and will be time and money well spent.

What to Look for Before Attending an ASC Conference

Learn about the organization. Do your research to find out a bit more about the organization that is hosting or sponsoring the ASC meeting. It can provide you with some perspective on its history, mission and values, as well as who makes up the membership base.

Location and logistics. Do consider where and when the ASC meeting is taking place. Travel costs can add up, and planning time away from the office can become challenging, too. Many state ASC organizations have their own smaller meetings and events throughout the year, which can be just as beneficial and much more convenient from a logistical perspective.

Lectures. Check to see who will be presenting at the conference and what the main topics are. If you already have an event on the books, you may want to make sure any other conferences you are considering differ enough in terms of speaker lineup and topics. Your time is valuable, and spending a bit more time upfront can make your experience at conferences that much more worthwhile.

Continuing Education Credits. Before registering, see what types of continuing education credits will be offered to conference attendees. Knowing what is or is not being offered may help you better determine whether you should attend. Also, consider online webinars for obtaining continuing education credits. The Ambulatory Surgery Center Association (ASCA) offers webinars throughout the year covering topics such as quality management, regulatory and legal issues, human resources, and more.

Exhibit Hall. Exhibit halls make for a premier venue to meet with a range of vendors and gain a better understanding and perspective on the latest and greatest devices, technologies and software available. Review the list of exhibitors ahead of time and make sure the vendors you are most interested in will have a presence at the show.

You may even want to consider reaching out to them ahead of time if you have specific questions you’d like them to answer. Plus, the exhibit hall lends itself well to networking and speaking with current clients who use technologies that you may have an interest in already. 

Presentation and speaking opportunities for you. Conferences provide a great platform to speak and present on your area of expertise to a group of esteemed peers. Each event has a different process, and agendas are often set far in advance, so reach out early to the conference organizers to get a better perspective on how you can earn a place as a speaker.

Top ASC Conventions in 2019

The list below includes some of the ASC conventions throughout the rest of 2019 and looking ahead to 2020.

1. Ambulatory Surgery Center Association (ASCA) 2019

When: May 15-18, 2019 (past) 

Where: Nashville, TN

Attendees: 2,200+

Focused on topnotch education and unparalleled networking opportunities, the ASCA features the ASC industry’s largest exhibit hall. The conference provides the opportunity to earn nursing contact hours, Administrator Education Units (AEUs), Infection Prevention Contact Hours (IPCHs) and various other education credits. The ASCA organization as a whole provides advocacy and resources to benefit ASCs. Sessions include:

  • Pain Control Without Opioids
  • CMS Quality Reporting Compliance in 2019
  • Advanced Finance
  • Improving Your ASC’s Revenue Cycle Operations From A to Z

2. 13th International Congress on Ambulatory Surgery

When: May 27-29

Where: Portugal, Spain

Want to go international? This event will gather attendees from across the globe and cover a gamut of topics—everything from video-assisted procedures to staffing challenges to promoting safety and going green. Topics include:

  • New insights on head and neck procedures
  • Recent advances in endoscopic surgery
  • The obese patient in ambulatory surgery

3. Gulf States ASC conference

When: June 19-21, 2019

Where: New Orleans, LA

This year, attendees at this ASC convention will have the opportunity to create connections, advance their ASCs and explore opportunities in a casual setting. Some of the conference sessions for this year include:

  • Regulatory Updates for ASCs
  • Employment and Labor Issues in the ASC
  • Interpreting Financials

4. Florida Society of Ambulatory Surgery Centers Annual Meeting (FSACS)

When: July 17-19, 2019

Where: Orlando, FL

Attendees: 175

The theme for this year revolves around “coloring outside the lines” and will cover an array of topics catering to the clinical, management and business side of an ASC. The names for the sessions are quite “colorful” and include topics such as:

  • Digital Distraction of Health Care Workers Affects Patient Safety and Professionalism
  • What Do Puking, Patients and Pandas Have in Common?
  • Coloring Outside the Lines – Keynote

5. California Ambulatory Surgery Association Annual Meeting (CASA) 2019

When: September 4-6, 2019

Where: Monterey, CA

Attendees: 400

For those in the California ASC market, this event should be on your calendar if it’s not already. Topics such as finance, human resources and clinical and quality oversight as it relates to the ASC industry will be the focus of this event. Sessions include:

  • Expanding Revenue in an ASC to Increase Profits
  • Quality, Safety & the Patient Experience
  • Best Practices for Revenue Cycle Management

6. Tennessee Ambulatory Surgery Center Association (TASCA) Fall Conference and Tradeshow

When: September 26-27, 2019

Where: Memphis, TN

This conference will help attendees advance their ASCs, create connections and explore opportunities. The Tennessee Ambulatory Surgery Center Association (TASCA) organization is a nonprofit and represents freestanding ASCs in the state of Tennessee. Additional details for the event are coming soon.

7. Becker’s ASC 26th Annual Meeting: The Business and Operations of ASCs

When: October 24-26, 2019

Where: Chicago, IL

Attendees: 1,500+

This annual meeting boasts over 100 sessions with a special AEU credit track, 185 speakers, panel discussions featuring industry keynotes, celebrity keynotes and attendees from across the U.S. Topics will include ways to enhance and improve your ASC and how to handle challenges faced in the industry, among other hot issues impacting surgeons, physician leaders, administrators and ASC leaders. Sessions include:

  • Improving Profits, ASC Strategy and Keynotes
  • Revenue Cycle, Out-of-Network, Billing and Coding Issues
  • Transactions, Legal and Valuation Issues

Other ASC Events to Put on Your Radar

Insider Tips to Help You Make the Most of Your Time at an ASC Conference

ASC conference on your calendar? Check! Registered for the event? Check! Travel booked? Check!

When you do much of the planning months in advance, it’s exciting when the time arrives to actually attend the event. Here are some ideas on how to make the most of your jam-packed few days while attending a meeting.

  • Keep your goals in mind. Go back to your original goals and intentions for attending this event in the first place. This can help keep you on track and organized throughout the event. Don’t be afraid to veer from your original plan, but do accomplish what you want.
  • Connect With Others. Networking is what you make of it, so if you’re debating whether you should attend an official or unofficial event, err on the side of yes. These events give you opportunities to make meaningful connections and learn from peers that you don’t experience in your day-to-day operations.
  • Use the app. Most conferences, especially the larger-scale ones, will offer a conference app where you can easily pull up a schedule, see a list of exhibitors, receive notifications of major changes, and often even message vendors and other attendees. The accessibility and convenience an app offers over a printed schedule can help add efficiency to your day.
  • Take notes. With all the knowledge that you’ll want to mentally download, figure out the method that works best for taking notes. Take down the presenter’s contact info, too, so you can follow up with questions post-conference. Depending on the topic and conference regulations, presentations may be shared out after the event, but that’s never a guarantee. Make the most of your learnings while you’re there so both you and your staff back at your office and facility can benefit.

At the end of the day, you need to select the ASC conferences that will make the most sense from a logistics standpoint and help you reach your professional and business goals. Talk with your colleagues, do your research and find the best option that works for you. Once onsite, you’ll want to take full advantage of the sessions, social events and exhibit hall to make for an enriching experience.

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