Honored With “Best Ease of Use” for Practice Management System


How and why our specialty Practice Management software earned this recognition*

According to Dictionary.com, the word ‘best’ means: of the highest quality, excellence, or standing and most advantageous, suitable, or desirable. While the word itself may be highly overused, it still indicates a high honor in the most classic sense. Knowing that our clients’ reviews on Capterra, put our Practice Management software in a position to be recognized for “Best Ease of Use,” really helps put this particular accolade into perspective.

Capterra helps individuals find the right software, like medical practice management software, by pulling together user reviews and identifying the highest rated software potential buyers care most about. It uses a rigorous scoring system to identify the ‘best’ in the business.

Across its 700+ software categories, Capterra boasts over 850,000 vetted reviews which are synthesized to recognize the top-rated products in a given category. The goal? Help the potential end user find the best software for their needs.

The Methodology Behind the “Best Of” Badge*

Capterra’s “Best Ease of Use” accolade indicates that out of several hundred options, Modernizing Medicine®’s Practice Management software received overall glowing reviews from actual EMA® EHR and medical Practice Management software users. It’s certainly a great accomplishment and a true testament to what real users of the software think. Here’s a bit more about the methodology behind this acknowledgement.

The three components that comprise this recognition are:

1. Category fit: Capterra’s research analysts confirm the product relevance for the respective software category. In this case, it happens to be practice management.

2. Review Rating Count: Each software that receives a “Best of” badge has received at least 10 published review rating scores within the past 12 months.

3. Published Reviews: This only considers reviews actually published which pass through a strict validation and vetting process.

Now, what about the calculations? Why do some software offerings make the list and others don’t? According to Capterra, products must have a rating of 4.5 or above based on published reviews during the 12-month submission period. The top 25 percent of software options in the respective category are then honored with the respective “best of” badge.

A Bit About Our Medical Practice Management Software

So our Practice Management system is award-winning, but what does that mean for you?

As part of our comprehensive modmed® BOOST offering, our Practice Management system provides innovative tech for medical office workflow and patient payments. Our clients wanted an all-in-one practice management to help solve daily challenges, so that’s what we delivered. Our PM system seamlessly integrates with our specialty EHR system, EMA®, to put all data in one place eliminating the need for expensive, inefficient bridges and multiple vendors.

You can experience a streamlined check-in, checkout, billing scheduling and collections process while measuring your business’s health with metrics-drive reports. Automating time-consuming tasks like health insurance eligibility verification gives your staff more time to focus on what matters, your patients. Plus, patient engagement tools like automated patient appointment reminders and waitlist functionality can help keep providers’ schedules full while providing an improved experience for your patients.

Whether you’re a financial manager, front desk or medical staff or practice administrator, our Practice Management software has the capabilities to help you do your job more efficiently while streamlining practice operations.

Considering a Transition to New Practice Management Software?

If reading this has you thinking that your current Practice Management software is falling short, we’ve put together some tips to know when considering a switch.

Once you decide change is imminent, you’ll want to plan accordingly. Speak with your staff who uses your practice management system the most to get their feedback on what they would like to see in a new system. Understand the shortcomings of your current software and wishlist for a new system.

Schedule meetings to determine timing, budget, system requirements and the team that will lead the project. Switching practice management systems doesn’t happen overnight. Setting clear goals from the onset of this process will be critical to staying on task and keeping your vendor honest, too. Once you have the groundwork in place, conduct research and compile a comprehensive list of practice management vendors. Browsing reviews on websites like Capterra can provide a sound starting place, in addition to meeting vendors at conferences and speaking with your colleagues. This process will also help you know what to ask during your initial contact and practice management demoes.

If you find yourself wondering what you can do to make your practice operate more efficiently on a day to day basis, the solution may just be a new practice management system.

Here’s What Your Peers Have Shared

One of the best ways to learn about the true value and benefits of Practice Management software is hearing from users themselves. Here’s what some of our clients have shared.


“My favorite features in Practice Management are the OCR scanning, the Appointment Finder, the integrated confirmation and reminder calls, and the custom scrub claim rules. We are able to maximize our scheduling, minimize our cancellations, enter clean demographics and send clean claims.” – Sunny Holman, Practice Manager, Windsor Dermatology


“Modernizing Medicine’s ophthalmology practice management system works seamlessly with EMA as part of an all-in-one solution, bridging the gap between our front and back offices. Prior to implementing Modernizing Medicine’s Practice Management system, we had the time-consuming task of manually entering the ophthalmology billing codes. Now, the all-in-one system saves time and streamlines our workflow.” – Linda Gallo, Practice Administrator, Galiani Ophthalmology Associates


“EMA and Practice Management have completely changed the dynamics of our workflow. Since implementing this all-in-one system, our office has increased efficiencies, reduced the amount of external resources needed, and improved communication. The biggest advantage for us is having all of our information in the cloud. It enables easy access to patient information, in one system, with just a few clicks or keystrokes. It is more fluid in sharing of information between provider and staff, and leaves a digital footprint as we communicate and care for our patients. It has challenged us to come out of our comfort zones to share in the patient experience.” – Jessica Nin, Practice Manager, Palm Beach Hand to Shoulder


“Following our successful EMA EHR implementation, we adopted Practice Management and continue to experience the benefits of the all-in-one system. Using disjointed platforms can result in mistakes that trickle down to the entire staff. Now, we are more efficient and the communication between the front and back office is streamlined.”  – Carren Whitt, MBA, Practice Administrator, Ear, Nose and Throat Associates of East Texas

Plastic Surgery

“The scheduling and financial aspects of Practice Management are also easy for staff to navigate, and Modernizing Medicine continues to be exceedingly responsive to suggestions and queries.” –  Fred G. Fedok, MD, FACS, Fedok Facial Plastic Surgery and Laser Center

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*The Capterra “Best” recognitions are determined by the subjective opinions of individual end-user customers based on their own experiences, the number and timing of published reviews on Gartner’s digital sites (Capterra.com, SoftwareAdvice.com, and GetApp.com) and review ratings for a given product in the category and are not intended in any way to represent the views of Gartner or its affiliates.  Please make sure that you include in your text clarification that these are based on end user reviews and not the opinion of Gartner Research.

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