New Office Visitors – Our Parents!

What is BIYP?

For the second year in a row, Modernizing Medicine actively participated in the LinkedIn sponsored Bring in Your Parents Day (BIYP) event. This year, we are proud to have been one of the 150 companies on LinkedIn who actively and officially signed up and participated in the fourth annual event.  For the countless hours parents have spent bestowing wisdom and teaching their children, this was a chance to flip the switch and give our employees some time to teach their parents something new about their job, career and company.

Industry Insights

There continues to be lots of buzz in the media around this trending topic of hosting employees’ parents at their offices. It’s an opportunity to learn and connect with their kids. “A number of parents would say they don’t even understand what their children are doing,” Nutan Singapuri, LinkedIn’s Senior Director of Human Resources for Asia-Pacific told CNBC. “The idea is to bring that into generational understanding, connectedness and create belonging moments.”

Giving parents another reason to be proud of their child is another facet. “There’s nothing better than looking in the eyes of a parent on this day and saying, ‘Your kid is just amazing. We love having them on the team!” LinkedIn director Catherine Fisher said in the reports.

Our Company Culture

As a company, Modernizing Medicine takes great pride in the culture that has been cultivated and which continues to grow

and evolve. Part of that culture is hosting annual events such as this one, inaddition to the annual bring your child to work day, Halloween happenings, our holiday party, team outings, volunteer time off and other events that fit the dynamic and forward-thinking and employee-centric culture. Diane Dagher, Senior Director of Talent & Culture at Modernizing Medicine shared, “It is exceptionally meaningful to meet the parents of the great employees we have hired. Giving our team members the ability to share their work with their parents is priceless. As a parent myself, I can imagine how it must feel to see your children’s success and experience that first hand in a way many parents don’t have the opportunity to. I have had employees come into my office and share with me that this event changed and positively impacted their relationship with their parents and made them really see them as an adult.”

Spending the Day at Modernizing Medicine

The jam packed agenda for the day included hearing from co-founder and CEO, Daniel Cane, taking a tour of the respective offices in Boca, Weston and Roseville, visiting their child’s workspace, meeting co-workers and experiencing a demo of our specialty-specific electronic health record (EHR) system, EMA™.

With the first year being such a success, the bar was set high to make the second year really shine. From 2015 to 2016, the number of proud moms and dads roaming around the offices doubled. The parental love was shared from coast to coast as well, as our three offices – Roseville, CA; Weston, FL; and Boca Raton, FL all had parents in attendance. Increased participation stemmed from a variety of factors. One of which was the positive impact and word of mouth after the first annual event and second was the increase in the number of employees to over 500 company-wide.

This year, parents had the chance to attend the company’s First Friday event that is typically reserved for employees only. At these monthly meetings aptly named for being held on the first Friday of each month, those in attendance had the opportunity to hear from the executive team on company wide updates from financials, to employee kudos, a new employee development program that is launching and more. It was a taste of the culture that encompasses what Modernizing Medicine stands for as well as the transparency that starts at the top. After hearing the inside scoop, the meeting was followed by a happy hour held at the office with libations and snacks for all to enjoy. Parents in attendance enjoyed a very special event.

So what did employees and parents enjoy most about this day? The best way to really understand and capture the day is hearing from both employees and their parents. The common theme? It was an insightful, enjoyable and fun-filled day for all.

Quotables from Employees & Parents

This was definitely a day where roles were reversed a bit. Lindsay Maisner, Talent Acquisition Specialist, was instrumental in organizing the event as well as participating shared, “Growing up, I always participated in Bring in Your Child to Work, and would go into work with my mom. With Modernizing Medicine’s Bring in Your Parents Day, the role was certainly reversed! It was so nice having my mom see where I work and understand firsthand how we ‘modernize medicine.’ “

Another employee shared, “As an employee I have a lot of pride both in my work and in Modernizing Medicine as a company. I was excited to invite my parents in and have them meet the people I work alongside and better understand not just what I do, but what we do as a company which is pretty impressive. It definitely has sparked great conversations with my parents and I, and I know they have enjoyed sharing their experience here with their friends too,” shared Alex Bimonte, Marketing Communications Specialist.

In turn Alex’s mom, Linda Bimonte shared, “This event was a very enjoyable and informative experience. We had so much fun and were super impressed by the company, the office space, the products and the employees who were all so engaging. Having the opportunity to see and experience where our daughter works each day made us feel very connected and proud. We are already looking forward to next year’s event!”

Sebastian Zagami, Lead Cloud Services Engineer, who is located in the Weston, Fla.,
office spent the day with his mom and mother-in-law. “It was great to have my mother and my now future mother-in-law visit the office! We spend so much time at work away from our family, it was nice for them to see the environment we work in and the responsibilities we have. I always tell my parents I am grateful for the efforts they put into raising me, but seeing what we have become in our professional lives must be a great source of validation for those efforts,” noted Sebastian.

His mother, Amalia Pares-Pomerantz shared a similar sentiment in an email she sent post-event stating, “I wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation to Modernizing Medicine for the opportunity to participate in Bring in Your Parents Day. I was able to see first hand the wonderful work environment in which Sebastian operates every day and how valuable he is made to feel when he is there. You successfully extended to us, the parents, the same feeling of being valued. I now have a much better understanding of what my son does for a living, since now I can put a picture to all the words he has used in the past to explain it. I was very impressed by the research component of connecting doctors to improve treatments and many of the other aspects of the company as well.  The agenda was very well prepared and executed, but your care and personal attention really made my day.”

From the West Coast, Clara Dever, Senior Support Patient Specialist located in the Roseville, CA office shared that her father Mark really enjoyed seeing the First Friday meeting. “I always talk about how informed we are being employees of Modernizing Medicine and compliment the way leadership interacts with us, so it was great for him to see this first hand. My mother (Shelly) said our work environment was very relaxing,
she thought I was joking when I said we had a zen room!” shared Clara.

And the award for greatest distance traveled goes to Megon Siegert’s mom who planned her trip from Madison, Wisconsin to Florida to make sure to could attend the event. After the event Megon’s mom shared, “I think the best part of the day was meeting all of Megon’s colleagues! Many of them had interesting and diverse backgrounds and big personalities. Everyone was respectful of each other (and their parents!) and were sincerely interested and engaged in what they were doing,” Stacy Littrell.

So what’s next for 2017? There will certainly be many more friendly faces at next year’s event as the number of employees to continue to grow and the good word spreads about the annual event.

CEO and co-founder, Daniel Cane (who’s mom was also in attendance) summed up it well when he shared, “Having a mission that matters is one of the most important aspects of any company.”  That mission was able to be shared with employees’ parents.


Aaron Stoklosa
Aaron Stoklosa

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