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Capital Digestive Care Seamlessly Transitions to the Cloud-Based gGastro® EHR, Increasing Practice Performance and Saving over $320,000

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Key Benefits Experienced

  • Saved over $200,000 in year one and over $120,000 in ongoing annual costs
  • Thorough planning, project management and support provides for a seamless transition
  • Practice performance and network reliability remain consistent
  • Minimal downtime during the conversion with nominal impact to patients or workflow

Gastroenterology EHR positively impacts large-scale GI practice.

“Since switching to the cloud, we’ve experienced significant improvements, such as increased performance and less downtime, plus issues are quickly addressed. We’ve also saved over $200,000 in hardware and software upgrades, so it’s been financially strategic for our organization.” 


Transitioning from a Server-based EHR to a Cloud Gastroenterology EHR With gGastro

Capital Digestive Care includes 60 physicians and 14 mid-levels across 28 offices, which include endoscopy centers, physician offices, a call center, a pathology laboratory and a central business office, throughout the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. The practice had used the server-based gastroenterology electronic health records (EHR) system, gGastro, from Modernizing Medicine Gastroenterology®. In an effort to increase practice performance and avoid costly hardware upgrades, leadership at Capital Digestive Care decided to transition to the cloud-based version of the gastroenterology EHR system.

David Smith, chief information and security officer, shared why they made the decision, “We were confronted with performance issues, and our doctors voiced concerns about the impact on patient care. We discovered that our technical environment met the minimum specifications, but the question became ‘are the hardware and software scalable to handle a practice this size?’ We had an aged infrastructure of servers approaching seven years old that would need to be replaced, which would require a large investment.”

“Another important reason we moved to gGastro is because we often lost precious time in addressing a system issue because we dealt with multiple vendors who would finger point and not own the issue. We needed the technical support for the hardware, the system software and the application in one place. With the cloud, now everything is in the hands of the technical experts at Modernizing Medicine Gastroenterology, and issues monitored are resolved more quickly.”

Preparation is Key

“We worked closely with Modernizing Medicine Gastroenterology’s technical team throughout the entire project, and I was impressed by the number of dedicated experts they provided to us to ensure we had a smooth transition. As part of the preparation process, I visited the corporate office in South Florida and spent the day with the technical and support teams brainstorming and planning, which was one of the most beneficial meetings in ensuring we had a successful project,” David said.

“We interface with ten outside laboratories and vendors who send data into our system via our public IP address, which would change when we went live with gGastro. This was a critical piece of the project. There had to be excellent coordination between Modernizing Medicine Gastroenterology and our external vendors so that when the system was turned off, those inbound interface results would redirect to the new IP address. Our Modernizing Medicine Gastroenterology interface engineer did a great job coordinating with all of these companies and made sure the data came in seamlessly once live.”

David said, “What’s important and also the biggest challenges for a successful project are mitigating risk and good project management, and we accomplished both. We took gGastro offline at five o’clock on a Friday, and by five o’clock on Saturday, we were back up and running. We were only down for a total of 24 hours, and our business operations were not impacted at all.”

Mission Accomplished With Our Cloud Gastroenterology EHR

Since implementing gGastro, Capital Digestive Care continues to experience the benefits this GI-specific system offers while saving money. David shares, “Since switching to the cloud, we’ve experienced significant improvements, such as increased performance and less downtime. We’ve saved over $200,000 in hardware and software upgrades, so it has had a positive impact on our organization and the patients we serve. It has also freed up our senior network engineer to focus on the remaining servers we have hosted at our data center as well as expanding his role to include business intelligence.”

“gGastro has also been great for our doctors, because it enables them to access the application from virtually anywhere with an internet connection without needing to reroute through a VPN tunnel or remote desktop solution,” David said.

Dr. Michael Weinstein, a physician and president of Capital Digestive Care, shared, “As president, I value saving money and improving operations, but as a physician I need to care for my patients. Since we went to gGastro, we’ve had significant improvements in consistency and speed. I also like having the reassurance that if a problem does arise, it’s going to be fixed within a few minutes, not a few hours. Most physicians just want to concentrate on their patients, and they don’t really know what goes on behind the scenes during a project like this. Thanks to Modernizing Medicine Gastroenterology and the commitment from our team, the transition was seamless and we’ve had higher satisfaction.”

Backed by Modernizing Medicine Gastroenterology

Dr. Weinstein said, “We didn’t tell the partners what was happening from a technical standpoint during this project. We crossed our fingers, relied on the very talented technical team we had in place and knew things would improve. Modernizing Medicine Gastroenterology has always been a good company to work with because they’re GI-focused, so that instilled confidence for success. We continue to have a good working relationship with the company, along with reliable response rates. It’s been a relief to see the improvements with gGastro and have Modernizing Medicine Gastroenterology’s continued support.”

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