Case Study: Dr. Bert Brown Saves Time and Increases Efficiency with the Easy to Use EMA Otolaryngology

Dr. Bert Brown of Cleveland Ear Nose and Throat, Inc. in Mayfield Heights, Ohio, has had his fair share of experiences with electronic medical record (EMR) systems. After years of frustration and when the contract with his then-current system had ended, he decided it was time to make a change. He wanted an EMR system that thought like he did and had the most up-to-date technology.

“I heard about Modernizing Medicine’s Electronic Medical Assistant® (EMA™) through a colleague who was using EMA in his ophthalmology practice. When I learned that EMA also specialized in otolaryngology, I immediately scheduled a demonstration,” Dr. Brown said. “Because I had experience with a few systems in the past, I knew exactly what I was looking for and I made my decision to purchase EMA Otolaryngology for my practice very quickly. It had all the latest parameters I was looking for in an EMR system. I then did the online training offered by Modernizing Medicine and was up and running in a few days. It was very easy to learn and use.”

EMA Otolaryngology was developed specifically for ENT physicians like Dr. Brown. The advanced software eliminates the need for templates and automatically remembers the way Dr. Brown practices, which makes EMA Otolaryngology so unique.

“EMA Otolaryngology works the closest I have seen to my process of practicing medicine. The ease of use makes my note taking very thorough, complete and fast. EMA Otolaryngology anticipates my next move and remembers my common diagnoses. It’s so intuitive because practicing ENT physicians developed it. My previous system was not designed to follow a real doctor’s workflow. EMA Otolaryngology is more practical and works the way doctors are used to thinking,” Dr. Brown explained.

Ready for ICD-10
With the transition to ICD-10 confirmed for October 1, 2015, Dr. Brown did not want to have to worry about a major disruption to his practice. EMA Otolaryngology has the ICD-10 codes already built into the system so the transition will be seamless, which was exactly what he wanted.

“With ICD-10 approaching, I’m not worried in the least about the conversion and that’s exactly why I chose EMA Otolaryngology. The ICD-10 coding will automatically generate and ensure that we get paid without disruption or interference with treating patients.”

Ease of Use Increases Efficiency
EMA Otolaryngology’s touch-and-tap technology and automatic coding allows Dr. Brown to spend less time documenting and more time with his patients.

“Since implementing EMA Otolaryngology, the speed of seeing my patients has increased. I document more quickly and more efficiently because it’s easier to use than my previous EMR system or paper. With EMA Otolaryngology, I’m able to see an extra patient an hour and save about ten to fifteen minutes each hour. I’m able to focus on my patient and then it only takes few minutes after I leave the exam room to finish my note,” he said.

“Another aspect of EMA Otolaryngology that improves efficiency is that it’s cloud-based. I’m confident in the system’s security and I can look up patient information from virtually anywhere if needed while I’m out of the office. I’m very happy that I made the switch to EMA Otolaryngology.”


Would you like to see a demo of EMA Otolaryngology EHR system? Click here.

Download a PDF of the full case study here.

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Modernizing Medicine

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