Case Study: Dr. Daniel Stein Saves More Than One Hour a Day, is Prepared for ICD-10 Using EMA Orthopedics

Leadership at Coastline Orthopedic Associates, located in Fountain Valley, Calif., had been contemplating switching from paper charts to an orthopedic software EMR system for years. With 11 providers and over 35 office staff members, chart storage was becoming an issue. In addition, they wanted to avoid penalties enforced by upcoming government requirements, so they began researching the best orthopedic EMR systems.

“A fellow dermatology colleague recommended Modernizing Medicine’s Electronic Medical Assistant® (EMA™) to me. I went to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons meeting and saw demos of a few different systems, including EMA Orthopedics™. Once I found out CPT and ICD-10 codes were generated automatically by EMA Orthopedics, I immediately knew I had found the right system,” Dr. Daniel Stein said. “Another important aspect in making our decision was that all the other systems we had reviewed required a huge investment of capital plus maintenance and upgrade fees. EMA Orthopedics made a lot of sense in that it was inexpensive and didn’t require a lot of hardware purchases since it’s hosted in the cloud. The vision I had for an EMR system is very similar to what EMA Orthopedics represents.”

EMA Orthopedics collects and stores patient data and acts as a powerful tool for helping to meet approaching government mandates. “The automation of the structured data in EMA Orthopedics assisted us in attesting for Stage Two Meaningful Use,” said Dr. Stein. “EMA Orthopedics outlined all of the steps we needed to follow and essentially did most of the work for us. We were able to focus on being physicians while EMA Orthopedics handled helping to attest for us.”

EMA Orthopedics also comes with a built-in ICD-10 coding solution that generates billing codes for effortless billing. “The CPT and ICD-10 calculation impressed me the most. EMA Orthopedics will produce the codes like a little genius, and that is a huge weight off our shoulders, both mentally and financially,” shares Dr. Stein.

Want to know more about the Coastline Orthopedic Associates’ success using EMA Orthopedics? Read the case study.

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Modernizing Medicine
Modernizing Medicine

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