Case Study: Retina Specialist Dr. Jonathan Feistmann Documents Faster with EMA Ophthalmology

Dr. Jonathan Feistmann, a retina specialist in New York City, was starting his own practice and knew he wanted to implement an electronic medical record (EMR) system as opposed to continue using paper. “My wife and I wanted our office to be tech savvy and to me paper is very outdated. Knowing we wanted to start out electronically, I had been keeping my eye out and looking at numerous EMR systems for about six years,” Dr. Feistmann explained. “I think other systems have slowly gotten better over time, but when I saw Modernizing Medicine’s Electronic Medical Assistant® (EMA™) about two years ago, my jaw hit the ground. I thought that technologically it was the slickest thing out there, plus it was ophthalmology specific.”

“When we were searching for an EMR system, most were server-based which would require us to purchase additional hardware. EMA is cloud-based and I like that I can go on any computer or iPad, be almost anywhere in the world and have the ability to upload documents and send prescriptions in seconds,” he explained. “It’s also very convenient to take the iPad to the operating room. The beauty of EMA Ophthalmology being cloud-based is you can store an infinite number of notes and you don’t have to carry a million charts. You can also go to any computer in the hospital if needed and pull up your patient information”

Dr. Feistmann shares more about the high tech features and ease of use of EMA Ophthalmology which have helped benefit his practice and his patients. Read the case study here.

Modernizing Medicine
Modernizing Medicine

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