Modernizing Medicine® Gastroenterology and Change Healthcare


Working together to simplify connectivity and facilitate clean electronic orders and results

This is a sponsored and guest blog post by Change Healthcare.

Modernizing Medicine Gastroenterology is working  with Change Healthcare to offer an interface for electronic orders and results designed to help gGastro® EHR customers streamline workflow and reduce the need for paper-based manual work. The Q&A below provides more detail on this new offering.

Can you give us a quick overview of who Change Healthcare is and how they fit into the healthcare marketplace?

Change Healthcare is one of the largest independent healthcare technology companies in the U.S.  We provide software and analytics, network solutions and technology-enabled services to help our customers and collaborators improve the patient experience and reach their business goals. We offer engagement, financial and clinical solutions. We work to keep our customers on top of the latest opportunities and trends to help them succeed – topics like blockchain, AI, cloud services, etc.

We offer data solutions to meet our customer’s unique needs – the depth, breadth, speed and character of our data enables balanced, granular perspectives into healthcare costs and outcomes.

Why is Modernizing Medicine Gastroenterology working With Change Healthcare?

Modernizing Medicine Gastroenterology is working with Change Healthcare to offer an interface between the Change Healthcare solution and the gGastro EHR platform in order for the providers to be able to provide electronic lab orders and reports directly to/from the EHR. The addition of electronic orders should enable more consistent, standardized test requisitions to be transmitted to the lab in a clean, standardized format, which can help to eliminate manual orders, errors and rework.  

In working with Change Healthcare, Modernizing Medicine Gastroenterology customers can leverage our Intelligent Healthcare Network™, one of the largest financial and administrative healthcare network in the U.S. This includes:

  • 15 million clinical orders: easy-to-use ordering solution for multiple diagnostic providers
  • 62 million clinical results: automated results routing into your EHR
  • 600+ connections to hospitals and individual labs
  • 80+ clinical reports

When will the solution be available?

Modernizing Medicine Gastroenterology plans to have this ready and in production in Spring of 2019.

What does this relationship mean to our Modernizing Medicine Gastroenterology customers?

The goals are clean orders, happy physicians and satisfied labs. Additionally, providers and staff can recognize a more efficient process aimed to reduce the burden of data collection. That can translate into more time spent with patients. 

Providers electronically place orders and deliver results within their existing system and in the workflow they’re accustomed to helping to give ease of use, increased efficiency and speed to go live. It also enables them to:

  • Lab order requirements are built into the ordering process to help facilitate clean orders on first delivery, with laboratory results, radiology reports and more than 80 types of ancillary clinical documents delivered back into the EHR.
  • Achieve clean orders to help eliminate phone calls to the office to gather clinical or financial information that is often overlooked or missed in paper-based processes.
  • Leverage the strength of the Change Healthcare network – one of the largest healthcare financial and administrative networks in the U.S., working with 110 EMRs and over 70,000 providers and processing over 15 million clinical orders and 62 million results. 

What labs will Modernizing Medicine Gastroenterology customers be able to access for electronic orders and reports?

Change Healthcare has a network of over 600 lab entities, including national labs, hospital labs and specialty labs across the nation.

What if a provider is using a lab not currently on the Change Healthcare network?

Change Healthcare has a business development team that works to establish connections with new labs based on client requests. Once the solution is live in gGastro EHR, documentation and training will be provided to clients outlining the steps to request new labs be added to the network. 

Has there been any feedback or input on the Change Healthcare / Modernizing Medicine Gastroenterology relationship so far from gGastro EHR customers?

Yes, the relationship was announced and discussed at Modernizing Medicine’s 2018 MOMENTUM conference. A Design Lab session took place where customers gathered to discuss optimal workflows and preferred formats to help configure the solution that’s optimized for users.

Change Healthcare also had a booth at the conference where we spoke to a lot of folks who were very excited about the relationship and the benefits they expect to see. Charting and closing the loop on results should be a real time saver! The most commonly asked question asked was, “How soon can I get it?”

How can Modernizing Medicine Gastroenterology customers learn more about how they can get started?

They can reach out to their contact at Modernizing Medicine Gastroenterology with any questions or to learn more about timeframes and what they can do to prepare. Modernizing Medicine’s team can be contacted at 561.880.2998 or via email at

Michele Judge

Senior Director of Clinical Services at Change Healthcare

Michele Judge is senior director, clinical services at Change Healthcare. She has worked in the Reference Laboratory arena for more than 30 years holding a variety of positions in implementation, operations, and product management. In her current role of Business Development, she helps vendors and laboratories use technology to solve unique market challenges.

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