Here’s What Your Peers Are Saying: modmed Ophthalmology™

No one but a physician knows exactly what physicians need, so we take a different approach than the rest of the industry: teaching practicing ophthalmologists to program software. Working together, we combine ophthalmology knowledge with actionable data and Cloud, Mobile, Touch technology to create modmed Ophthalmology™, a suite of solutions that includes award-winning electronic health records (EHR) software, Practice Management, Analytics, Revenue Cycle Management and more.

But can this unique “recipe” really deliver better results than other vendors can provide? We asked practicing ophthalmologists from around the country about their experiences using modmed Ophthalmology, and here’s what they had to say.

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Quote from Ophthalmologist Dr. Sarah BaroodyQuote from Ophthalmologist Dr. Jonathan Feistmann
Quote from Ophthalmologist Dr. Gilbert WongQuote from Ophthalmologist Dr. Jason Ross
Quote from Ophthalmologist Dr. Alan Malouf
Quote from Ophthalmologist Dr. Ajit Nemi
Quote from Ophthalmologist Dr. Don AbramsQuote from Ophthalmologist Dr. Elson Lai
Quote from Ophthalmologist Dr. Colleen Joseph

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Alexandra Bimonte
Alexandra Bimonte

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