Increasing Efficiencies, Saving Time and Improving Patient Care

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Learn how Ganger Dermatology benefits by using Modernizing Medicine’s dermatology software

We had the opportunity to speak with a few members of the team at Ganger Dermatology who shared their perspectives on how utilizing Modernizing Medicine’s dermatology software helps enhance their practice in more ways than one. Laura Ganger, MD; Angela Rondina, MD, a dermatologist and clinical technology lead; and A.C. Ganger, chief executive, all shared their thoughts.

The Start of Something Good

In 2012 Dr. Laura Ganger opened her practice, Ganger Dermatology, in Ann Arbor, Mich., with the goal to provide the best possible care and patient experience while staying on schedule. She has since grown the practice to nine providers and three locations. Having the proper technology, people and processes in place were crucial to achieving her goal, so Dr. Ganger turned to Modernizing Medicine’s suite of solutions, modmed® Dermatology, which includes the electronic health records (EHR) system, EMA™, dermatology Practice Management and dermatology billing services with Revenue Cycle Management (RCM).

Dr. Ganger’s Perspective: EMA, Practice Management and Dermatology Billing Services

Dr. Laura Ganger HeadshotWe implemented EMA at the outset and saw our very first patient with the system. I had been following Modernizing Medicine and the dermatology EHR, EMA, well before I started my practice. When I saw it in person at the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) meeting, I instantly knew it was the system we needed. I have been exposed to numerous EHR solutions throughout my career and none are as dermatology-specific and user-friendly as EMA. I also loved that it’s iPad-based and automatically generates the modifiers and procedure codes.

When we selected EMA in 2012, Modernizing Medicine’s dermatology practice management system was not available at the time, so we elected to utilize a third-party billing service that also provided practice management. That solution unfortunately fell short of our expectations. My staff was spending a significant amount of time managing our dermatology billing even though we were outsourcing that aspect. As soon as Modernizing Medicine announced their practice management system at their annual users conference, MOMENTUM, we immediately signed up and began the move to an all-in-one solution inclusive of practice management and their dermatology billing services, which continues to be a decision well made.

By having modmed Dermatology’s RCM solution, we’re able to spend our time how we choose—running an efficient practice and providing high-quality patient care. We’ve stripped away a number of things we used to worry about in terms of billing and let Modernizing Medicine’s RCM team handle the heavy lifting to get us compensated—quickly and accurately.

Dr. Angela Rondina’s Perspective: Dermatology Practice Management and Customer Experience

Before we implemented Modernizing Medicine’s dermatology practice management system, patients would often ask us in the exam room if they had an upcoming appointment, which we wouldn’t be able to answer. Now we can access the schedule directly from the iPad and have the ability to book an appointment. We can also see where patients are located throughout the office, when they’re ready to be seen, and then simply tap right into their chart, which saves time. We have this wonderful dermatology electronic medical record and now a dermatology practice management system to match.

What I love about Modernizing Medicine is that the company really takes our feedback and uses it to make the products better. Their goal is to develop products that are usable and helpful for us as physicians, so we can take better care of our patients.

A.C. Ganger’s Perspective: Dermatology Billing with RCM Services

ganger dermatology logoWith the modmed Dermatology suite, our staff no longer switches back and forth between different systems; all of the information is streamlined within one application. The need for multiple browsers and redundant data entry has been eliminated, making us much more accurate and efficient.

We have insurance eligibility checked days before an appointment, which speeds up time at check-in. Our collections on patient responsibilities have dramatically improved because our staff can collect payment on the phone or prior to the visit, as any amounts due are clearly presented. Oversight is uncomplicated and every department can hold itself accountable as everything is transparent. We’ve been able to grow steadily since we opened five years ago, and we have yet to hire an office manager. With the right tools, team and culture, I am still able to oversee this business on a part-time basis.

With our previous vendor, we spent countless hours going back and forth with insurance companies and had to process numerous checks in-house. Now with RCM, the insurance follow-up is handled for us and 99 percent of payments are electronically deposited, saving our staff hours of time every week. Also, prior to RCM, I had weekly financial meetings with our staff in addition to weekly vendor meetings, which were mainly spent combing through countless Excel reports. Now, I have access to my key performance metrics in real-time, on-demand, and I can simply look at a dashboard overview or I can drill down to granular detail.

I now participate in one monthly call with our Revenue Cycle Advisor to review the metrics I use to gauge success: communication flow between our teams, the number of days in accounts receivable, which we are currently at 31 days of the 45 day benchmark, whether coding is correct, and if appeals are completed quickly. The amount of staff training and effort on our end to achieve this is minimal, which is what sets modmed Dermatology’s RCM services apart from other dermatology billing services. We let the billing specialists do what they do best so we can focus on growing our practice efficiently and providing great care.

My expectation is that our providers should be able to walk in the door, start seeing patients immediately and completely finish their day fifteen minutes after their last patient leaves the office. With the modmed Dermatology suite, we now have the tools that enable us to achieve that goal, which we do quite often.

By having Modernizing Medicine’s comprehensive dermatology system, Ganger Dermatology bridged the gap between the front and back office and improved communications. Whether it’s the front desk or medical assistant in an exam room, any part of the patient record can be updated, which saves time and adds efficiency.

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Key Benefits Experienced by Using Modernizing Medicine’s Dermatology Software

  • Automated tasks free up time
  • Improved office flow and communications
  • Reduced claim denials and increased billing clarity
  • Facilitated the ability to leave the office 15 minutes after the last patient
Ganger Dermatology

Ganger Dermatology

Dr. Ganger set out to create something special with Ganger Dermatology. After spending years honing her skills in academia, Dr. Ganger decided to launch her own practice in Ann Arbor. She expanded into Wixom with Dr. Rondina, and Dr. Gordon Spratt joined the Ann Arbor practice soon after. Ganger Dermatology opened their third location in Plymouth with Dr. Iacco. The concept remains simple – provide the best possible care, an excellent patient experience, and do it on schedule. To learn more, visit their website. 

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