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Boca Raton Dermatology Improves Patient Experience and Increases Efficiency with modmed® Dermatology

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The Goals

  • Replace server-based practice management system
  • Utilize an all-in-one dermatology software solution with integrated EHR and dermatology practice management systems
  • Eliminate the need for a demographics data bridge
  • Schedule appointments more easily to help patient flow

Key Benefits Experienced

  • Dermatology electronic health records (EHR) and dermatology Practice Management systems interface seamlessly
  • Designed by industry experts for easy customization
  • User-friendly platform increases efficiency and reduces errors
  • Innovative appointment and front desk features improve patient flow

Combination of dermatology EHR and Practice Management systems benefits entire practice.

“Modernizing Medicine’s dermatology Practice Management (PM) system is designed by experts that would actually use it in their own practice. It is everything a practice management system should be; the sequencing is logical and the screen view is easy to understand.”



Boca Raton Dermatology, located in South Florida, made the decision to transition from its server-based practice management system to Modernizing Medicine’s cloud-based system.  “Given that we were an early adopter of Modernizing Medicine’s dermatology EHR system, EMA, we were approached by their team to participate as an alpha tester for its dermatology practice management system which was in the development stages. We excitedly agreed knowing that this change would help to develop our office technologically and we would benefit from having an all-in-one-solution,” shared Dr. Howard Bueller, dermatologist and owner of Boca Raton Dermatology.

“Modernizing Medicine’s dermatology Practice Management system has proven to be far superior and modernized compared to our old system which required an in-office server, was difficult to access from outside the office and was only functional using Windows. Just like EMA, their Practice Management system is designed by experts who would actually use it in their own practice. It is everything a PM system should be; the sequencing is logical and the screen views are easy to understand. Also, the integration with the dermatology EHR, EMA, eliminates the need for a demographics data bridge,” said Dr. Bueller.

An Easily Customizable and User-friendly Dermatology EHR

The staff at Boca Raton Dermatology appreciates that the system is customizable to their practice, was easy to implement and is user friendly. Mary Chambers, Office Manager, explains, “We had the subject matter experts from Modernizing Medicine come to our office to work with me to customize the system to our preferences, such as specific appointment types we use. I set aside time to enter all of the data and once that was complete, the system was easy to activate and we were able to start using it instantly. The support we received during the transition and continue to receive is immeasurable.”

“The system is user friendly in that it’s easy to read and navigate. I like the process of scheduling a new patient by first finding the available appointment, then collecting the patient information. Our previous PM system required us to enter demographics first and then make the appointment. This aggravated patients who provided all their information only to find that we did not  have available appointment times to suit them,” shared Mary. “We also use the integrated insurance eligibility function frequently and find it extremely useful, especially for a new patient who may not know what their copay is or their remaining deductible.”

Enhanced Appointment Flow With Dermatology Practice Management System

Boca Raton Dermatology finds the “Appointment Flow” feature valuable as it displays the day’s appointments chronologically to aid in quicker patient flow.

Front Desk Manager, Natalia Marin explains, “I love the Appointment Flow screen. It is the first thing I look at in the morning and it helps me visualize my day. I like that the appointments are listed in order along with their status and insurance information. I also appreciate that Appointment Flow displays the patient photograph with their appointment details and reason for the visit. This helps me identify the patient by name at check in and begins the visit with a positive, good experience. The “Appointment Finder” also enhances the patient experience by decreasing wait time at check out by making it possible to book an appointment in less than a minute. “I use the Appointment Finder when checking out patients and also when booking our six month appointments. I’m able to select a future date to see all available appointment times.”

The Future With Dermatology Practice Management

“The Practice Management system is shaping up to be another outstanding part of Modernizing Medicine’s offerings,” said Dr. Bueller. “I anticipate that future releases will continue to improve workflow efficiency. It’s been a pleasure getting to be one of the first users of this impressive, one-of-a-kind system.”

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