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Southeast Dermatology Streamlines Their Pathology Process and Saves Time With the Dermatology EHR and Pathology Module

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The Goals

  • Implement an EHR-integrated pathology solution
  • Eliminate manual data entry between systems
  • Free up time spent on reporting
  • Improve staff communication

Key Benefits Experienced

  • Streamlined pathology process and saved time
  • Eliminated redundancies and reduced errors in data entry with an all-in-one dermatology software
  • Increased efficiency with customization and adaptability
  • Accelerated data entry by nearly 400 percent

Dermatopathologist shares the benefits experienced by using EMA® for dermatology and its integrated Pathology module

“With Modernizing Medicine’s Pathology solution, it’s as if the patient chart physically goes to the lab, making everything that happens in the exam room accessible to the dermatopathologist. I’m able to view the patient visit, biopsy pictures and pathology reports in this all-in-one dermatology software system.”


The team at Southeast Dermatology in Pasadena, Texas, made the decision to implement Modernizing Medicine®’s Pathology solution, which fully integrates with their EMA® dermatology EHR system. With 10 physicians on staff, the group decided to onboard a dermatopathologist who would handle both the technical and professional components of their pathology process.

Dermatologist and dermatopathologist Dr. Matthew Petitt discusses the positive impact the Pathology solution and dermatology EHR provides.

Streamlined Process

Every time we would complete a pathology report in our old dermatology software system, we would have to print out the report, upload it into EMA, manually enter the results and then enter the charges into our dermatology billing software. This inefficient process caused us to enter information into multiple systems, duplicating efforts and increasing room for error.

Since we’ve implemented Pathology, this process has been streamlined drastically, which has freed up time that was spent on reporting and manually entering data. Inputting the gross descriptions is almost four times as fast compared to our old process. Also, duplicate data entry has been eliminated, decreasing the probability of errors.

With Pathology, it’s as if the patient chart physically goes to the lab, making everything that happens in the exam room accessible to the dermatopathologist. I’m able to view the patient visit, biopsy pictures and pathology reports in an all-in-one dermatology software system. Once I complete the lab report, it auto-populates the results into the patient chart, and the clinician has instant access to the data. They are able to sign off, and the charges will automatically bridge to our dermatology practice management system.

We have also improved our communication amongst the staff by having access to Intramail in the lab, which enables us to communicate efficiently and securely between multiple office locations.

Dermatology Billing Made Easy

Before implementing Pathology, every time I signed out of a report, I would print out a dermatology billing sheet, and the office staff would have to manually enter the billing information into our practice management system. Now, when I sign out of a case in the Pathology module, EMA automatically sends the dermatology billing charges to our practice management system, eliminating time consuming manual entry of hundreds of bills.

Our dermatology EHR also generates suggested ICD-10 and CPT codes for me that I can quickly review. It gives me a lot of comfort knowing I’m completing my dermatology billing appropriately.

Customizable Solution

Pathology comes equipped with over 900 diagnoses and 100 stains and abbreviations built directly into the module, which can be customized to fit my preferences. The dermatology software gives me a fantastic study point to build my own database and provides a framework to customize to my personal preferences and situation. I can tweak different features, and Pathology will adapt to my workflow. Modernizing Medicine hit a home run with this dermatology software system.

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Matthew Petitt, DO

Matthew Petitt, DO

Matthew Petitt, DO, joined Southeast Dermatology in 2011 and is triple board certified in several medical specialties including dermatology, dermatopathology and anatomic and clinical pathology. He was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri and received his undergraduate degree at the University of Michigan.

He graduated first in his medical school class at Des Moines University-Osteopathic Medical School as the only “Graduate with Distinction.”  Dr. Petitt subsequently completed pathology residency at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and then completed dermatopathology fellowship and dermatology residency at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, Texas.

He currently practices clinical dermatology, dermatologic surgery and dermatopathology. Dr. Petitt lives in League City and has two energetic young boys. He is active in his church and loves serving the wonderful people in Pasadena and the greater Clear Lake area. He is proud to call Texas home. He was recognized in the Pasadena Citizen’s 2013 Reader’s Choice Best Dermatologist for Pasadena and Deer Park.

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