A Dermatology EMR and Dermatology Practice Management Success Story

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Windsor Dermatology shares how they improved their bottom line and streamlined operations with EMA™ and Practice Management

This post was updated on October 23, 2018.

Windsor Dermatology in East Windsor, N.J., has been providing cutting-edge treatment for over 30 years. With six providers, a light treatment center and a clinical research department at the practice, their need for modern technology was a must. The practice transitioned from paper charts to EMA, the dermatology electronic medical record (EMR) system from Modernizing Medicine®, and later added the dermatology Practice Management and Analytics platforms as part of the modmed Dermatology suite. This all-in-one dermatology software solution streamlines the group’s billing process, helps achieve MIPS’ success and provides dynamic reporting capabilities, which have helped improve their operations. Dermatologist Dr. David Nieves and Practice Administrator Sunny Holman, share their dermatology EMR success stories and individual perspectives.

Dr. David Nieves’ Perspective: Switching Our Dermatology EMR to EMA

Unfortunately, our previous EMR vendor leveraged our need for an all-in-one solution as a means of pressuring us into adopting their David Nieves, MDinferior EMR system. We committed with a large deposit, which we willingly forfeited after we saw a demonstration of EMA. We instantly knew that EMA was the right fit for our practice because it’s dermatology-specific, runs on a native iPad application and generates notes and suggested dermatology billing codes automatically. You don’t have to dig through numerous diagnoses that don’t pertain to dermatology. The system is designed for what we do, which benefits our practice and our patients.

EMA and Practice Management (which Sunny will talk more about) save us time and money in numerous ways. Working together as one integrated system, they streamline our operations and improve the care we provide. Not having to toggle back and forth between two different systems results in a better workflow for our entire office.


Sunny Holman’s Perspective: Adding Dermatology Practice Management to the Mix

After we had been using EMA for almost five years, Modernizing Medicine announced Practice Management. We were ecstatic. We were accepted into the beta program and found the company eager to develop a system that met our needs. The support we received from Modernizing Medicine during the transition was tremendous. Their team clearly communicated throughout the process, and we received one-on-one support. We arranged a weekend of training and opened it to anyone on staff that wanted to learn and familiarize themselves with Practice Management, which proved to be beneficial. The knowledge provided from the Modernizing Medicine team, the dedication from our staff and the easy-to-use system made the transition seamless. We quickly overcame the anxiousness of adopting a new system and eagerly moved forward.

Because EMA integrates with the dermatology Practice Management system, it streamlines scheduling, check-in, checkout, dermatology billing and reporting. For example, once the visits are finalized, they are billed automatically and we no longer have to post superbills, which reduced errors and enabled us to remove a position in the billing department. The claims are queued more quickly and can be picked up every couple of hours. In the past, we could be behind with billing up to four days, whereas now, we’re up to the minute. It’s great!

Excelling Under MIPS 2018

Modernizing Medicine helped us improve our bottom line due to its amazing MIPS solution and support. Not only has our MIPS Advisor helped us meet the minimum guidelines, but also we will receive incentives for all of our providers. The reporting clearly shows you the measures that you perform well in and the areas that need improvement. It’s extremely comprehensive and easy to follow. It’s important that we meet the measures, provide great care for the patients and support the doctors. We’re doing tremendously well.

The Power of Analytics

With Analytics, we can break down patient demographics, identify common diagnoses, recognize trends and track provider productivity levels and note finalization time. This allows us to detect the areas we need to maximize in order to grow patient volume. We can also use that information to help build our cosmetic and aesthetic practice to help increase our revenue. The data is laid out clearly in graphs, and we can export it for further analysis, if needed. I love Analytics!

What sets the company apart from other EMR vendors is that they accomplish exactly what their name indicates: they’re Modernizing Medicine. It’s exciting to know that we’re on trend with the latest technology that also supports practice growth and success.

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Key Benefits Experienced with Modernizing Medicine’s Dermatology EMR & Dermatology Practice Management Solution:

  • Streamlined the dermatology billing process to help receive faster payments
  • Reduced errors and redundancies to improve operations
  • Earned MIPS success with incentives and improved bottom-line results
  • Increased financial success with detailed reporting capabilities

David Nieves, MD, and Sunny Holman, Practice Administrator

About Dr. Nieves

Practicing dermatology and dermatologic surgery for over 13 years, Dr. Nieves has a strong interest in treating persons with psoriasis and has served as a clinical investigator in over 80 clinical trials to evaluate new treatments. He practices all aspects of dermatology and treats acne, moles, warts, skin cancer, skin infections and vitiligo. He received his BS from Duke University and his MD from University of Pennsylvania. You can learn more about Dr. Nieves on Windsor Dermatology’s website here.

About Sunny Holman

Sunny coordinates day-to-day activities of a high volume, multi-faceted medical/surgical practice to ensure a smooth functioning office and great patient relations. She serves as a liaison for physicians, staff members, the medical community, business associates, insurance plans and hospitals. Learn more about Sunny on her LinkedIn profile here.

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