Case Study

Dr. Gary Slaughter Increases Productivity While Enhancing Patient Experience by Using the EMR System, EMA™


The Challenges

  • Failed to improve practice efficiency with current electronic medical record (EMR) system in place
  • Struggled using a non-dermatology focused EMR system
  • Challenged to keep up with industry regulations on paper
  • Hindered patient interaction and overall experience

Key Benefits Experienced

  • Dermatology electronic medical records (EMR) system
  • Intuitive interface and ease of use increase efficiency
  • Automated suggested coding instills confidences in dermatology billing
  • Effortless documentation enhances the patient experience

Dermatology software’s ease of use positively impacts Charlotte Dermatology.

“EMA can handle the most routine exams to the most complex with ease. My time spent charting and finalizing paperwork has diminished and my volume has increased by 15 to 20 percent, all while gaining more interactive time with my patients.”



Over the course of his 15-year career Dr. Gary Slaughter of Charlotte Dermatology, located in Charlotte, N.C., has experienced various EMR systems, all of which were failed attempts to improve practice efficiency. After returning to paper charts, Dr. Slaughter was in search of an ideal dermatology EMR system that would benefit his practice. Dr. Slaughter shares, “We were using a general, template-based EMR system that was not specific to dermatology. It was slow to navigate and we found we spent a significant amount of time entering data versus spending time with our patients. We ended up going back to paper in an effort to increase efficiencies. Much to our dismay, the lengthy, handwritten notes and disorganization of paper charts were decreasing productivity while inhibiting patient relationships. With the advent of government mandates such as Meaningful Use and PQRS on the horizon as well as decreased reimbursements, an EMR system needed to be reconsidered.”

“With our important requirements in mind such as dermatology-specific content and automated coding, I led the committee in our dermatology EMR system search. In addition to my existing apprehensions, expense was also a concern. I didn’t want a system that we couldn’t maintain technically as well as financially. When I saw a demonstration of Modernizing Medicine’s dermatology EMR system, EMA, I thought it was really novel and cutting edge. The native iPad functionally along with the adaptive learning engine EMA presents really appealed to me and would also benefit my patients,” said Dr. Slaughter.

“The knowledgeable team of experts at Modernizing Medicine guided us through training and implementation to ensure a smooth transition. EMA’s intuitive user interface made it easy to learn so our staff adapted quickly and we immediately experienced positive responses from our patients. I went from an EMR system non-supporter to one of EMA’s biggest advocates.” 

Dermatology Software

Programmed by dermatologists, EMA adapts to Dr. Slaughter’s style of practice allowing for effortless documentation in addition to automation of suggested dermatology billing codes.

“The fact that I’m proud to be a dermatologist is one of the reasons why I wanted a dermatology EMR system. I naturally gravitated toward EMA because it fits my practice style and has the ideology that I do. The system anticipates my next move yet gives me the ability to customize my documentation,” explained Dr. Slaughter. “My nurses didn’t think I could keep up with my patient volume but because EMA is so intuitive and learns my preferences, it’s been an effective tool for making me more efficient.”

“Another aspect of EMA that really distinguishes itself from other dermatology EMR systems is that it’s very specific in suggesting coding levels. I I quickly discovered I was under-coding due to inferior notes that didn’t have the detailed documentation I needed to justify the higher-level codes. I now have more confidence in my coding decisions and documentation. The dermatology-specific knowledge and technology behind EMA is unlike any other system on the market.”

Time is Valuable

“Time is a very important aspect of my life and EMA has helped give me valuable time back. When physicians look at time in terms of medical charting and think that paper is faster, they aren’t looking at the entire process of the medical visit,” said Dr. Slaughter.

“I choose to document my patient’s visits with the iPad EMR which enables me to tap my way through an exam, ePrescribe and finalize a detailed note all before the patient leaves the office.”

“EMA can handle the most routine exams to the most complex with ease. My time spent charting and finalizing paperwork has diminished and my volume has increased by 15 to 20 percent, all while gaining more interactive time with my patients. Also, patients can enter their demographic information on the iPad while in the waiting room which aids in time savings.”

A Better Patient Experience With Our New Dermatology EMR

EMA thinks like a dermatologist and performs as a tool that enhances patient’s experiences rather than becoming a hindrance, which was Dr. Slaughter’s main concern.

“When I first decided to become a physician, it was of the purest intent. I wanted to help people and make a difference. It’s safe to assume that when a patient visits my office, they want to be diagnosed, treated and given my undivided attention. A previously failed EMR system and an abundant amount of paperwork pulled me away from building those relationships,” Dr. Slaughter shared.

“With the dermatology EMR EMA, I get to spend time with my patients, discuss their issues and develop a plan to help. The focus is no longer on  the documentation but rather on them. My patients also love what EMA has to offer. They can leave with educational handouts and be given access to a portal where they can get their results, which broadened my practice’s appeal. EMA has  given me my medical dream back and for that, I’m grateful.”

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