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Bryn Mawr Skin & Cancer Institute Improves Workflow and Communications with modmed® Dermatology

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The Goals

  • Implement an all-in-one dermatology software solution
  • Improve patient flow
  • Bridge the gap between the front and back office
  • Enhance patient care

Key Benefits Experienced

  • Streamlined workflow and saved time
  • Accelerated appointment bookings
  • Improved communications across the entire office
  • Shortened patient wait times

Leaders of Bryn Mawr Skin & Cancer Institute discuss the benefits of transitioning to an all-in-one dermatology software solution

“Modernizing Medicine’s Practice Management system is integrated with EMA for a seamless patient flow from beginning to end of the visit. It is amazing how communication amongst the staff has improved by using this all-in-one dermatology software system. The layout is easy to navigate, enhancing our workflow and making everyone more efficient.”


Founded in 1968, Bryn Mawr Skin & Cancer Institute, located in eastern Pa., has experienced both manual billing and server-based practice management (PM) systems that created inefficiencies within the practice. The group had already been using the EMA® dermatology EMR from Modernizing Medicine® when they volunteered to participate in the alpha program for Modernizing Medicine’s cloud-based PM system. Chief Executive Officer Bill Hyland shares how the practice benefited by transitioning to the dermatology practice management system.

From Outdated to Modern

Our legacy server-based PM system was terrible. Our providers experienced inefficient patient flow, and our medical assistants spent unproductive time waiting at the front desk for documentation and patients to be checked in. Our demographics bridge was functional, but the manual workarounds required to transition from EMA to our previous dermatology PM system were significant and time-consuming.

Modernizing Medicine’s cloud-based dermatology PM system solved these problems. The check-in and checkout process was streamlined, and communications improved. Our clinical and front desk staff now stays connected via their workstation or iPad, so the medical assistants know when patients are checked in, and the physicians can see which patients are on their schedule for the day.

Now the front desk staff feels connected with their clinical counterparts and can “see” the patient move through the appointment process from beginning to end. Management can also quickly review patient workflow status.

Improved Office Flow

The dermatology practice management system assists with our office flow, starting with the call center appointment, arrival at the front desk, continuing through to the clinical visit, the pathology department, the medical assistant area and finally to check out for future appointments. It provides a complete picture for any one of our staff, in any area.

Our practice administrator, Teri Campbell, shared, “We can schedule appointments using the Appointment Finder with ease, use the Appointment Flow to greet arriving patients and utilize the check-in/out features for communicating with the clinical staff, all while working in one dermatology software platform. It is seamless, allowing full access to the patient’s information, so the end result is quality care and proper management.”

In addition to workflow, the dermatology practice management software enhances the patient experience. The Appointment Flow alerts help identify, at a glance, what needs to be addressed or modified when the patient arrives. Also, the ability to see each patient’s picture is a nice feature to help staff clearly recognize and greet the patient.

Appointments Made Easy

The Appointment Finder feature in PM facilitates the appointment-making process by bringing forth the available appointment times and then prompting the users for patient information. Booking an appointment is 50% faster than with our prior system, enabling us to streamline the appointment process and book many more appointments a day.

Paperwork and insurance cards are easily scanned directly into the patient’s chart. The patient summary can be expanded and contracted with one click and is a fantastically conceived feature, both for summary patient information as well as simple navigation to insurance, demographics, scheduling, etc. Given that we are a high-volume practice, this feature has made a significant positive impact. Also, the front desk staff can easily view the return visit and schedule through the Appointment Finder, shortening patient wait times at check out.

Mission Accomplished

In addition to the amazing Modernizing Medicine solutions, we could not be more impressed with the drive and integrity of the personnel behind the dermatology software. It is clear to us that their mission is to build the best dermatology EMR and dermatology practice management software for the medical specialty-specific market.

Since we started using PM, the Modernizing Medicine team has watched how we operate and continued to improve the system, which has made our process better, faster and easier. They listen and they care. We knew we had the best dermatology EMR system on the market, and the addition of PM has been an industry game-changer. At long last, we are so happy to have an all-in-one dermatology software system. Our patients are better off for it, and our staff and providers love it.

Encouraged Growth

In 2015, Bryn Mawr Skin & Cancer Institute started a plastic surgery practice, Cirillo Center for Plastic Surgery, to complement our growing medical dermatology Mohs practice and to offer full plastic surgery aesthetic and reconstructive services to our patients. We adopted the EMA plastic surgery EMR on day one and were also a beta client for the plastic surgery practice management system in 2016. This expansion was 100 percent enabled and supported by Modernizing Medicine.      

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Bill Hyland


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