Streamlining Workflow with the Gastroenterology EMR System, gGastro®

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Dr. Sharma shares why he selected gGastro as his gastroenterology EMR system of choice

Gastroenterology EMR Loyalty

As a board-certified gastroenterologist practicing since 2012, I started using the gastroenterology electronic medical record (EMR) system gGastro® by gMed®, a Modernizing Medicine® company, the following year. When I started my own practice in Terre Haute, Ind. in 2016, Digestive Health Associates, I decided to continue using the award-winning gastroenterology EMR system I truly valued.

I opted to continue using gGastro when starting my own practice because I wanted EMR scalability, ease of use and reduced clicks while eliminating the need for servers by using cloud-based technology. I perform a lot of outpatient work and advanced procedures, and I noticed gGastro’s ease of use. I work in a variety of care settings, so I can dictate my notes while at the hospital, and then they’re in gGastro when I’m back at the office.

A Gastroenterology EMR System That Just Makes Sense

I would describe gGastro as a common-sense EMR. I’d compare it to getting a white chocolate mocha with extra foam. It just makes sense. Just as you go to a coffee shop for coffee, I wanted an EMR system specifically for GI. Why would I want to reinvent the wheel and opt for a different EMR system that was, let’s say, built for a cardiologist?

Benefits of Using the Gastroenterology EMR

The biggest benefit has been the ease of use, as I like to call gGastro a ‘goof-proof’ EMR. We can make templates that allow the notes to carry over, including all the billing and coding points, so there’s consistency. Since gGastro automatically suggests gastroenterology ICD-10, CPT and modifier codes, all the coding is done and we can fax our notes to the primary care physician right then. Our billers like the system too, since it captures almost everything. My nurse practitioners can see 20 patients per day, and I usually see anywhere from 30-50 patients, so it definitely helps keep everything unified. If I would have selected another EMR system, I would have suffered.

Perks of a Cloud EMR System

Using a cloud EMR system increases mobility and reliability while minimizing upfront costs, server maintenance and concerns for hardware space. The beauty of the cloud is that even if a natural disaster such as a tornado occurred, it would not affect my business goals. It also provides portability and good reliability, helping to protect the clinical, operational and financial aspects of my practice. Since I can access the EMR from nearly anywhere, I can leave the office when I’m done and easily work from home if needed.

Prepped for Value-based Care

Having the built-in Merit-based Incentive Payment system (MIPS)* intelligence dashboard within the gGastro EMR system tracks practice performance on a daily basis. With the shift to value-based care, it’s a plus having the ability to pull up reports to see where we stand and take corrective action if needed so my practice can continue to grow. I can run reports to see which primary care provider refers the most patients, and I can meet with those who have low numbers to see what we can do to improve. It has really helped me research and see my practice and staff’s performance, and it even assists from a marketing perspective.

An Improved Gastroenterology Workflow

By using the gastroenterology EMR system, my practice’s workflow has become even more seamless. We have taken most paper out of the equation since we no longer need to print and rescan. Almost everything is e-faxed and we can update the medical record all in one place. I have five full-time employees who no longer have to waste time using paper, and it helps better track staff performance. It’s quite futuristic, the workflow is very smooth and we’ve quickly trained new employees on the system.

A Gastroenterology EMR Above the Rest

gGastro is worth the money and will reduce the pain you may have experienced with other EMR systems. The way we can run reports and have a real-time situational analysis of the practice performance really stands out. In my opinion, no other EMR system works as well as gGastro does.

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Key benefits experienced using the gGastro, gastroenterology EMR system

  • Enhanced reliability and mobility with the cloud
  • Automated coding and note output helps to increase consistency
  • Increased visibility into practice and staff performance with reporting
  • Saved time with easy-to-learn GI-specific workflow

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*Information relating to our EMR certification, including certain costs and limitations, can be found at and

Rajiv Sharma, MD

Rajiv Sharma, MD

Dr. Rajiv Sharma attended medical school at Dayanand Medical College, Punjab, India. He received his Internal Medicine training from Loma Linda University, Loma Linda, Cal., and received his Gastroenterology Fellowship training from the University of Rochester, Rochester, NY. He trained under the mentorship of Dr. Richard G. Farmer, who is world renowned for his work on Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Dr. Sharma’s special interests include GERD, NERD, Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Crohn’s & Ulcerative Colitis), IBS, Acute and Chronic Pancreatitis, Gastrointestinal Malignancies and Familial Cancer Syndromes.

In an effort to share his knowledge with the public, Dr. Sharma released his first book, Pursuit of Gut Happiness: A Guide for Using Probiotics to Achieve Optimal Health, in 2014.

In Dr. Sharma’s free time, he enjoys medical writing, watching movies, exercising and spending time with his family. He believes in “whole person care” and the effect of mind, body and spirit on “wellness.” He has a special interest in nutrition, exercise and healthy eating. He prides himself to be a “fact doctor” as he backs his opinions and works with solid scientific research while aiming to deliver a simple and clear message. To learn more about Dr. Sharma, click here.

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