Communication is Key: Information When and Where You Need It

Receiving important messages directly in your EHR system

You’re busy. We know that. Your email inbox is full of messages about subjects as diverse as an update from your favorite sports team to a notification from your kid’s school. The last thing you want to do is worry about a missed message from your EMR vendor which may affect your practice’s work day.

That’s why Modernizing Medicine added additional communications exactly where you need them: in our EHR system, EMA™, with EMA™ Messages.

EMA Messages provides three new opportunities to learn what you need to know:

1. Push notifications

You can opt-in for both mobile and web notifications. Alerts come through no matter what the user is doing. In other words, you don’t need to be logged into the EMA application to receive these push notifications.

If you are a current client, you can click here to access the guide on how to turn on notifications in the app.

EHR push notifications on iPad

2. Message Center in Our iPad EHR

In the iPad version of EMA, under the Account button, users can see a Message Center for communications from Modernizing Medicine. Using the Message Center, you can conveniently:

  • Delete messages
  • View messages chronologically
  • See a badge counter for unread messages
  • Receive specialty-specific information. Much like EMA only shows what you need to know, the Message Center will do the same.

iPad EHR with messages

3. In-App Messages

In the iPad version of EMA, users can receive messages that include potential downtime, support alerts and updates. For those of you familiar with our EHR system, this looks similar to EMAgrams. But unlike EMAgrams, the In-App Messages can appear on any screen you might be on within the iPad version EMA.

EMA EHR login screen

Why is This Important?

Timely communication is important for any business, but emergency situations necessitate reaching our customers outside of the EMA app. Specifically, national server outages and extreme weather are two examples of forces outside of our control yet have the potential to greatly affect operations.

What Else?

While we’ll still send an email (some people like email 😀), by expanding our communication channels, we’ll provide additional opportunities to interact, engage and provide important information. And don’t worry. Any messages sent via email also appear in the Message Center. Plus, we’re continuing to post messages in our knowledge base, modmed® Central, under the Support and Update Alerts section for clients.  

Did you know that users can follow a section on modmed® Central and get an email notification when we post new content? Just hit the blue ‘Follow’ link at the top right side of the page when navigating in modmed Central.

Thank you to our users who have provided valuable feedback for this new functionality. Your input helps us to create solutions to suit your needs. Tell us what you think about EMA Messages! You can submit feedback through the in-application feedback link in EMA, and we plan to send a client communication survey about the new feature.
Marcia Resta

Marcia Resta

Communications Specialist

In her role as a communication specialist, Marcia Resta sets standards for developing and implementing thoughtful communication campaigns and crafts messages designed to educate our clients about Modernizing Medicine’s suite of products and services. Marcia is also a registered yoga teacher and loves to promote health and wellbeing through her passion for yoga.

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