EMA, How Do I Love Thee?

LoveEMA_OphthFebruary is the month of Valentine’s Day, the holiday that celebrates love, togetherness and romance. We love our customers, and Modernizing Medicine hopes that you have someone – or something – that brings you joy or happiness on a regular basis. Maybe it’s EMA™, Modernizing Medicine’s Electronic Medical Assistant®?

We asked our incomparable customers how they felt about EMA, and they said it like no one else can.

“A lot of EMR Systems slow you down, but EMA Dermatology™ helps me to go much faster. In fact, due to EMA, we’ve had over 20,000 patient visits in our office in the last 18 months. When I examine a patient, EMA brings forward my favorite diagnosis. It literally is a medical assistant.”

“As I become more proficient with using EMA Dermatology, I like the system better everyday. Since implementing EMA into my practice, I am able to see my usual number of patients and finish the day much earlier than with paper charts. In addition, my charts are more complete and I am finally not “under billing” as I did for 25 years in fear of not documenting everything. EMA’s system shows exactly what was done and provides excellent guidelines for proper billing.”

“We are so impressed with every touch point we have with Mod Med personnel. Thank you so much for caring so much about your software and for relentlessly improving it at every turn. It is a pleasure and a privilege to work with the M2 team.”

“I am simply amazed after 2 other EMR’s how in tune you are with derm. Thanks!”

“I first identified EMA Orthopedics™ at the AAOS Annual Meeting 2013. I spent countless hours walking around the exhibit hall and spoke with almost every EMR vendor getting as much details about their value. I asked them to show me how their systems worked for orthopedic surgeons, reviewing all relevant features including how to input, collect and extract patient data. Of all of the EMR systems I saw, EMA had what I needed. I like how EMA is intuitive – because it’s developed by orthopedic surgeons for orthopedic surgeons, the knowledge is already included without setting up macros or templates. It’s easy “point and click/tap” user interface makes the note outputs clean and very organized – I don’t have to write any notes anymore.  I also really appreciate the portability and convenience of the iPad application – as the iPad has become an intricate part of my day to day management tools (like the cell phone), it’s good to know that I can use my iPad to safely and securely chart notes and stay informed of my patient’s information in real time.”

“I love the support line. Fast and easy to get very helpful answers.”

“It is a pleasure to pair with such a professional and receptive organization. Our problems are addressed quickly or if more time is needed, good communication. We love having our liaison. It is a win win situation. Kudos!!”

“I appreciate your attention and action for any new problems that arise. It’s nice to know that client feedback is important and acted on.”

Customer Service is AMAZING! Everyone is very knowledgeable and they are all very quick with response time!”

“Patient load has not slowed down at all! It is streamlining every department and making everyone more efficient. It’s not taking overnight, but it’s so positive.”

“We love EMA.”

Aaron Stoklosa
Aaron Stoklosa

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