EMAgram Keeps EMA Users Informed Conveniently

At Modernizing Medicine, we strive to constantly improve communications with our users. Because of the large amount of letters and emails everyone receives each day, delivering important and timely information about EMA™ using emails or newsletters is just not convenient. We used our clients’ feedback to design EMAgram, a built-in notification system within EMA. With EMAgram, users are always up-to-date on the most important issues.

EMAgram alerts customers to our most high-priority EMA news and issues. Some alerts users will receive through EMAgram include:

  • Planned release notifications
  • Unplanned release notifications
  • Product use notifications
  • Compliance notifications

How does EMAgram work?

Upon receipt of an EMAgram alert (shown in the image below), users can click the red X icon to dismiss the alert so it will not reappear on subsequent logins.



When users dismiss an EMAgram alert on one device, the alert no longer displays in the account from any other device used. Users can click any available links in an EMAgram alert to launch a browser window on the device. Because most EMAgram alerts are time-sensitive, the messages often have expiration dates. If an EMAgram alert hasn’t been dismissed before it expires, the alert will no longer display in the account after its expiration.

In the Web version of EMA, multiple EMAgram alerts may appear on the home screen at once, as shown in the first figure below. In the EMA iPad app, the limited screen size means multiple EMAgram alerts overlap, as shown in the second image below. The (1/2) message indicates that there are multiple EMAgram alerts. When the top EMAgram within the app is dismissed, the next EMAgram displays.



How will EMAgram evolve?

Because we want to continue improving the ways in which we communicate, we plan to collect user input on the information that’s important to receive through EMAgram. As always, we look forward to our users’ feedback!


Amr Assal, Ph.D., is a seasoned product manager with over 18 years of experience. He joined Modernizing Medicine in April 2014 as Senior Product Manager for EMA Dermatology and EMA Plastic Surgery.
Aaron Stoklosa
Aaron Stoklosa

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