MMrap: Innovative Employee Development Program

Not only is Modernizing Medicine a trailblazer in innovation through our award-winning electronic health record (EHR) system, but we’re also innovating ways to develop and support the great talent within the company as our employees are our most valuable asset and investment.

Modernizing Medicine Rotational Assignment Program (MMrap) launched as a pilot initiative to develop our employees by offering a rotational assignment with another team within our organization. Two employees, one from Client Services and the other from Finance, joined the Business Development team for a three month rotation. Specific projects were assigned to each with the mentoring and guidance of senior leaders within the team. “It was a creative way for me to augment my team and cross pollinate skills within the company,” says Maria Hernandez, who spearheaded the idea and sponsored it within Business Development.

Employees were recommended for consideration by senior leadership based on the overall opportunity and key factors for success, along with individual skill sets and other business considerations. Selected candidates wrote a cover letter stating why they would be the best candidate for the program and were then formally interviewed. The Business Development team defined the projects in advance with specific outcomes making the rotation assignment meaningful and more than a shadowing opportunity. Diane Dagher, Senior Director of Talent and Culture, drove the program’s execution and complemented it with specific skills competencies and evaluation criteria for the candidates. According to Diane, “MMrap is a hands-on approach providing employees the opportunity to develop new skills while continuing to contribute to the business.”

The two employees who first participated in the program brought significant skills and insights given their backgrounds and experience. They contributed to Business Development’s success helping to accelerate projects and meet aggressive deadlines. In exchange, they worked on projects that had them building business case analyses, strategic partnership assessments and market research. Marissa Marks, who participated from the Client Services team, enthusiastically shares, “MMrap broadened my understanding of the company internally and externally and allowed me an opportunity to further my own skill set, while contributing to the company’s overall growth.”

Oscar Isoba, who joined as an intern from Finance, says, “I learned a lot from meaningful projects, experienced individuals in the field and gained exposure to different parts of the business.” The three month pilot program was a resounding success and the company plans to expand it in the near future in other areas within the company. And what happened to the two employees? Marissa was subsequently hired by Business Development and Oscar joined the company full-time in Finance. And that’s a “rap!”

Aaron Stoklosa
Aaron Stoklosa

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