Fantasy Football: Team Name Domination for Medical Professionals

You’ve finished your draft for the 2016-2017 fantasy football season, and you’re happy with your roster for now, but your team name is a bit lackluster. And if you may not win the season, you might as well dominate with a team name that is memorable and gets some good laughs.

We put together a list of some of the top medically inspired fantasy football team names that are sure to be a touchdown, especially among your physician friends and among members of your office staff. You’ll want to update your team name stat after reading this.

  1. Butts and Guts. For the gastroenterologist, this says it all. You’ll go the extra yard and do whatever it takes to kick the other team’s butts all season long and you have the guts to do it.
  1. My TD’s Don’t Deflate. If this happens, you’re going to need a plastic surgeon and stat. Plus it’s still humorous to drop ‘deflategate’ jokes every now and again.
  1. Bone Crushers. This is for all those orthopedic surgeons out there. Fantasy football domination is ahead for you.
  1. Gorilla-cillin. For those times when you have to prescribe your patient a powerful and potent antibiotic. Also, what your competition will need when you’re done with them.
  1. Roto Rooters. Urologists, this one is for you. No explanation needed.
  1. Stream Team. Perhaps you have your fantasy football league’s dream team but why not add some urology humor to the name. Bonus points for creativity.
  1. Tales from the Crypts of Lieberkühn. After your legendary season, you will have some fantasy football tales to tell. Your intestinal gland in the small and large intestine will agree with you too.
  1. Cave of Retzius. A place where no one wants to go, but something that urologists are quite familiar with.
  1. Circle of Least Confusion: Ophthalmologists will hold this team name near and dear to their hearts and hopefully your next trade will keep your competition guessing.
  1. Blind Sided: This is what you’ll do to your competition (hopefully not what happens to you). Sneak up on your rivals when they least expect it. Definitely a strong name for those ophthalmologists competing for a spot in the playoffs.
  1. Gridiron Gastritis: This sounds extra uncomfortable. Is there a gastroenterologist in the house? Because your opponent is going to need one.
  1. The Sac-roiliacs: You’ll definitely hope that your quarterback comes up with some sacks over the season and doesn’t hurt his sacroiliac in the process, otherwise there may be a trip to an orthopedic surgeon in the near future.
  1. Zit Zone. No one is going to want to mess with the dermatologist with this team name. You’ll never know when they may pop.
  1. Humerus Heisman: Bumping your humerus is actually never very humorous. But if you’re playing fantasy football, perhaps a former Heisman winner will help drive your team to victory and you’ll be able to laugh at your “competition’s” weak performance.
  1. Dermis Dominators. This is for the dermatologists out there. Their team is bound to have a strong connection all season long.

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