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Take High-Quality Patient Care on the Go

In an increasingly mobile world, patients expect to be able to reach their physicians quickly and easily. Whether they’re following up on a test result, have a question regarding a medication side effect or want to ask about a new symptom, they trust that their physician will have rapid access to their medical history and will respond in a timely manner.

It can be hard to keep up with the accelerating shift to more on-demand patient care, but finding the best gastroenterology software for your specific needs can help — many systems now offer mobile apps so you can manage patient information on the go, help improve care and grow your practice.

Using a Mobile Gastroenterology EMR System to Supercharge Your Practice

  1. Access patient info — virtually anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re across the street doing rounds, across town in your living room or across the world at a conference, you can quickly and easily access your patients’ records and medical history. With the best mobile apps, you’ll also be able to see test results and easily message or call patients from your own device. No more worrying about booting up a computer to access your gastroenterology EMR system or staying late at the office to answer patient messages — you’ll be able to do what you need to from wherever you are so you can maintain a more integrated work/life balance.
  2. Help provide responsive, timely and informed care. When a patient reaches out to you with a concern, it’s important to be able to respond quickly and with information that is both correct and thorough. With a top-notch mobile app, you’ll be able to respond to patient messages based on recent history — everything from labs to visit notes to recent prescriptions — right from the palm of your hand. Your patients will be put at ease knowing how easily they can reach you, and you’ll have the flexibility to provide care from outside the office, too.
  3. Integrate mobility into smooth practice management. Everyone on your staff should benefit from an efficient workflow. When your entire practice is able to access a full suite of functions from an intuitive interface — everything from labs and visit notes to medications, billing and appointment schedules — the resulting integrated workflow will save time and help improve efficiency. With the best mobile apps, physicians can even submit charges during rounds, keeping everything moving quickly, easily and with fewer opportunities for errors.
  4. Stay on top of your schedule from virtually anywhere. Whether you are managing multiple patients in one office or are split between multiple locations, a well-developed mobile app can help monitor appointment times and locations so you and your staff can keep your practice running on schedule — and ultimately help improve patient satisfaction.

Gastroenterology EMR Capabilities to Consider

The benefits of mobile gastroenterology software are not the only factors to consider, however. Once you’ve determined that mobile EMR access is important to your practice, there are many other options to review and features to analyze.

Here are a few that many gastroenterologists find helpful in their mobile platforms:

  • Appointments — Does the gastroenterology EMR mobile application let you see appointments by date, time and patient?
  • Patient Demographics and Search — Can you easily reference a quick overview and search for specific information as needed?
  • Visit and Chart Notes — Does the gastroenterology software application file notes by date so they are easy to reference?
  • Procedures — Can staff and physicians easily see what procedures have been completed, when they were completed and what the results were?
  • Medications — How easy is it to see a patient’s medication list at a glance?
  • Diagnoses and Medical History — Does the gastroenterology EMR application provide an easily accessible overview of what conditions have been treated previously?
  • Tasking — Is it easy to view, assign and complete tasks and add task notes?
  • Notes — Does the interface allow you to easily make timestamped rounding notes and billing notes?
  • Lab Results — Can you easily sort your results by date and time?
  • Charge Capture — Is it easy to select from patient codes, favorites or even database searches?
  • Interfaces With Other Services — Does the gastroenterology software application bring the office, hospital and endocenter together in one platform so providers can work individually or collaborate in real time?
  • Sharing Data — How easy is it to share data with patients, gastroenterology industry registries and other healthcare providers involved in treatment?
  • Cloud-Based Technology — Does the gastroenterology EMR system you’re considering offer cloud-based options to provide robust and scalable functionality while making setup and upkeep simpler? This can be an important way to help reduce upfront costs, server maintenance and the need for hardware space while helping to improve speed, performance and access to records.
  • Compatible with iOS and Android Phones — Does the mobile application work across mobile operating systems or does it restrict device flexibility?

Making the Right Mobile Gastroenterology EMR Choice for Your Practice

Choosing a best-in-class mobile gastroenterology EMR system means you’ll be able to access scheduling and patient data from virtually anywhere you have an Internet connection. Whether you’re rushing around your office, attending a conference or sitting on your couch at home, you’ll be able to conveniently search patient records and review crucial patient data.

During rounds, you should have the capacity to submit charges directly, helping speed up billing and reducing the risk of missed charges. As you adapt to the mobile gastroenterology software that’s right for your practice, you’ll find that everything you need is right there on your smartphone.

Instead of having to be in front of a computer to view patient data, complete tasks or enter charges, you’ll be able to take the power of your gastroenterology software with you so you can provide high-quality patient care from virtually anywhere.

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