Gettin’ Superfit in Cali!

The Modernizing Medicine team in Roseville has taken MMFit to a whole new level! Of the 59 Roseville employees, 50 committed to and killed the six week Superfit Challenge lead by the wonderful Val Fujii of Superfit Gym. This is just another testament to the company culture and employee focus at Modernizing Medicine. Debbie Shelly, Enterprise Revenue Cycle Advisor and Superfit participant recapped the office’s fitness journey.

What is the Superfit Challenge?
Have you ever heard of  the reality television series, “The Biggest Loser?”  This was the Modernizing Medicine version! It is six weeks of group accountability, to make and meet personal goals for a healthier you all while learning about nutrition and exercise. And the best part about this program was that we all got to do it together, as one big Modernizing Medicine family! We took time away from our desks to sweat it out together and finishing the day with more energy than we thought possible.

Working on our Fitness
There were two sessions per week where Val led us in a strength training circuit style workout. Many worked out at lunch times on on Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays for cardio sessions. There was a nutrition manual with recipes and sample meal plans as well as grocery shopping lists. The challenge required that participants weigh in at weeks one, three and six with prizes at the end of each round. As a group, we held each other accountable and motivated one another throughout the challenge! If someone forgot their healthy food on their counter at home, others figured out how to unite and piece together a healthy meal for them. Encouraging words were heard throughout the office and it kept everyone motivated.

By the end of week three, the total weight loss for Modernizing Medicine Roseville was 112.5 pounds! How awesome is that!? The Roseville office lost a person in weight, and we were only halfway done!

The Lasting Benefits
The best way to hear about what the actual impact was from hearing from my colleagues who participated in the fitness challenge. Megan Emery, shared, “I have more energy, I sleep better and my overall mood is better since day one! I also fit into a pair of jeans today that I have not been able to in four years!”

“I am a completely different person from day one. I’m a different shopper and cook. I have more energy, more confidence, less anxiety and I sleep better at night. I pay more attention to my body and how different foods affect me. I now have less stomach issues than I’ve had in YEARS. I’ve actually enjoyed the workouts and look forward to them. I’ve taken up running, which I never thought I would do, although it’s still a love hate relationship. This challenge was a game changer for me and I’m so thankful to have been a part of it and EXTREMELY thankful for our coaches and the opportunity and knowledge I’ve gained from it,” shared Sara Metzinger.

All of the challengers were appreciative for this opportunity to better ourselves. It was so fun to do as a group and has taught us all that exercise does not have to be scary and eating healthy food does not have to be tasteless or expensive. The refrigerator at the office has been full of healthy lunches and snacks, and the inventory of sodas has increased as the group’s intake significantly decreased.

Not only have we all lost weight and feel healthier, but studies indicate that physical activity has a direct correlation to cognitive benefits as well that can increase productivity for the company and our clients. Everyone wins! Some benefits of increased physical activity include:

  • Improved concentration
  • Sharper memory
  • Faster learning
  • Prolonged mental stamina
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Lowered stress and decreased anxiety levels
  • Elevated mood

The Final Countdown
At the end of the six week challenge, we all lined up for our final weigh in! The results were so amazing. Not only did many lose weight, but most importantly we all learned habits we will use for the rest of our life. Out of the 50 challengers, an amazing 88% actually completed the full challenge. As a group, we lost 160.2lbs! The Superfit woman champion was Michelle Estes losing 12.2lbs, and the Superfit man champion was Jerry Baylon losing 10.8lbs. The runners up for woman were: Mattie Sparling with an 8lb loss and Megan Bryson with a 9.6lb loss. The runners up for the men were: Kenny Harrington with a 7lb loss and Jason Moore with a 6.2lb loss.

There were also awards for Most Inspirational and Biggest Cheerleader for each of the workout sessions. Amy Hatfield and Shonna Schaefer were overwhelmingly voted as the biggest cheerleaders with Anisa James and Megan Bryson as being the most inspirational.

Even though our six-week Superfit challenge has come to an end, the benefits and routines learned will continue on. Our motto from the beginning was: Don’t be upset for the results you did not get, for the work you did not do.

This challenge has inspired all to be healthier! We are planning to join the gym across the street and keep our lunchtime workouts going. Roseville will not just be ready for the upcoming swimsuit season, but more importantly, have health benefits that will extend into the future. This is just one example of our incredible company culture we have at Modernizing Medicine.

Aaron Stoklosa
Aaron Stoklosa

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