Case Study

Digestive Diseases Consultants Improves Efficiency and Saves Time by Implementing Modernizing Medicine® Gastroenterology’s GI-specific Suite of Solutions

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The Goals

  • Utilize one integrated cloud-based system across all locations
  • Access patient information from virtually anywhere
  • Prioritize and execute tasks more efficiently
  • Focus on patient care versus documentation for MIPS during exams

Key Benefits Experienced

  • Improved efficiency with a GI-specific platform
  • Saved time by transitioning to the cloud
  • Facilitated communication among staff and patients
  • Achieved high estimated MIPS scores

Gastroenterology EMR contributes to practice’s success.

As a physician, I know I can focus on my patients in the exam room with Modernizing Medicine Gastroenterology’s technology. As an executive of a growing healthcare practice, I’m confident any and all information about our patients is seamlessly integrated, with no stones unturned, and we’re able to not only improve patient care but also improve our bottom line.”


The Right Gastroenterology Software Choice

Serving the Kankakee, Will, Cook and Iroquois County areas of Illinois, Digestive Diseases Consultants specializes in the diseases of the digestive tract, pancreas and liver. The practice is comprised of nine providers who believe in compassionate medicine and providing high-quality patient care. One of the factors that contributes to their success is utilizing the GI-specific suite from Modernizing Medicine Gastroenterology. This suite includes the gastroenterology electronic medical records (EMR) system (gGastro® EMR), as well as the gPM™ (practice management) solution and an endoscopy report writer (gGastro ERW).

Digestive Diseases Consultants initially selected another system with the understanding that it would integrate their practice and ambulatory surgery center (ASC) locations. Unfortunately, that functionality did not exist, so the group discontinued its use and discovered Modernizing Medicine Gastroenterology.

Gastroenterologist Dr. Edward Jurkovic said, “We wanted one integrated system across all locations that would streamline communication, facilitate access to patient information and help simplify MIPS reporting. Once we saw a demo of gGastro EMR, we knew it was the right choice for the practice. We started using the server-based version of gGastro EMR, and then we transitioned to the cloud. The cloud-based platform enables seamless access to patient information from virtually anywhere with an internet connection. Now, I can complete work from home and leave the office earlier,” said Dr. Jurkovic.

Focus on Patient Care

The gGastro® Suite streamlines Dr. Jurkovic’s workflow, making ordering labs, x-rays and prescriptions seamless. The efficiency and cost savings gained lessen stress and save time.

“As gastroenterologists, we receive multiple administrative tasks per day, on top of treating our patients. With the gGastro suite, we can easily access, prioritize and execute tasks throughout the day, with little to no work to take home after hours,” said Dr. Jurkovic.

“The portability gGastro provides is a huge benefit because I treat patients in a variety of different environments. I can access patient records, view previous diagnoses and locate pharmacy information with ease. When I’m on call or at the hospital, I can open gCharge™ from my cell phone and quickly enter charges. Before, I had to remember to enter this information later, which left room for error and potential revenue loss. gCharge saves time and helps me get paid for the work I performed,” shared Dr. Jurkovic.

Drive MIPS Performance

Modernizing Medicine Gastroenterology’s solutions suggest codes automatically and track practice performance, which can be used to help with MIPS success. The practice also utilizes gAdvisor™, the company’s consultative services, to help them prepare for and navigate MIPS reporting.

Dr. Jurkovic said, “Modernizing Medicine Gastroenterology plays a huge role in helping to simplify our MIPS reporting. Not only is the technology easy to use, but the customer service and MIPS teams have been instrumental to our staff understanding the reporting system. All of our physicians received an estimated score in the 95 to 97 range. I can finally focus more on my patients than I have been able to in years, and that makes our practice successful—we are full-time doctors again.”

Why Use Any Other Gastroenterology EMR?

“gGastro is designed for what we do as gastroenterologists, and that makes our lives easier. Why would we use anything else? We wouldn’t implement a cardiology EMR solution and try to make it work for GI,” said Dr. Jurkovic. “Also, Modernizing Medicine Gastroenterology gathers input from practicing gastroenterologists, and they use it to improve the gastroenterology software. Having a single-specialty platform is invaluable and one of the reasons we’ll continue to use gGastro.”

Want to find out how the gGastro Suite could benefit your practice?


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