Gastroenterology EHR Success Story at DiMarino-Kroop-Prieto Gastrointestinal Associates

by Michael DiMarino, MD | Apr 19, 2018 | ,

Dr. Michael DiMarino shares his perspective on how gMed’s gastroenterology EHR and suite of solutions facilitates efficiency

DiMarino-Kroop-Prieto Gastrointestinal Associates is located in Woodbury, N.J., and is affiliated with Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia, Pa. The 10 physician group remains dedicated to assessing practice patterns and making improvements to assure the proper balance between quality and profitability in this ever-changing medical care environment.

In connection with their dedication, the practice leaders implemented the GI-specific suite from gMed®, a Modernizing Medicine® company. This suite includes the electronic health records (EHR) system gGastro®, an Endoscopy Report Writer (ERW), a practice management solution (gPM™) and a data analytics tool (gInsights). Dr. Michael DiMarino shared his experience and perspective in using gMed’s gastroenterology software solutions.

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Looking for a New Gastroenterology EHR

I was tasked with finding a solution including a new gastroenterology EHR for our practice. We needed an easy-to-use, all-in-one system that would help drive operational efficiency, eliminate paper charts, simplify clinical responsibilities and help ensure regulatory compliance. I’ve worked with numerous EHR systems in various office settings and found none to be user friendly, GI-specific or have an endoscopy writer included. The gGastro Suite is a shining example of what I envisioned for our practice.

Having the gastroenterology EHR system, endoscopy report writer, gastroenterology billing and scheduling in one system is invaluable and enables me to access patient information quickly, no matter the healthcare setting.

Implementing gGastro

Our practice quickly discovered a powerful tool in gGastro due to the ease and effectiveness the software provides. The gMed implementation team came to our office for onsite training to help with the transition. We lowered our patient volume for about a week but quickly ramped it up again. Even one of our less tech-savvy physicians quickly adapted to the technology. Within two weeks, he was a super user, which directly reflects of how easy and concise gGastro is. The relevant information is presented clearly, whereas other systems are cluttered, making it hard to absorb all of the data.

The Endoscopy Report Writer

gMed’s Endoscopy Report Writer integrates with gGastro and streamlines my documentation process and produces a variety of reports and notes, including procedure notes, referring physician letters and discharge notes.

Writing a note with the Endoscopy Report Writer takes me 30 seconds because the information is already there; I don’t have to rewrite it.

Other platforms require you to flip back and forth between systems, which becomes cumbersome and a waste of time.

Remaining Efficient Throughout My Day

I have not found any product out there that allows me to do my job as efficiently as the gGastro Suite does because all the information I need is at my fingertips. Whether I’m in the endoscopy unit or the office, I can view test results and receive patient information in an instant. I can respond to a patient within two minutes of receiving an urgent message, which they appreciate, and it also helps me finish my day earlier. gGastro facilitates efficiency, so I no longer have to wait until 5:30 p.m. to finish a stack of paper charts.

gMed puts a lot of energy and continued development into gGastro, which is welcomed and recognized by the gastroenterology community. It’s nice to work with a company who listens, implements and develops a product roadmap with its customers’ feedback in mind.

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Key Benefits Experienced Using the gGastro Suite Include:

  • Improved operations and eliminated paper charts
  • Learned the system quickly due to ease of use
  • Streamlined documentation to be able to write a note in 30 seconds
  • Increased efficiency which saves time throughout the day
Michael DiMarino, MD

Michael DiMarino, MD

Dr. DiMarino is the Director of Internet Technology of the small bowel capsule endoscopy program division of gastroenterology and hepatology at Philadelphia-based Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. He’s also the Associate Director of the Jefferson Gastrointestinal Fellowship at Inspira Health Network in Woodbury, N.J. With such vast responsibilities, he needed a suite of technology solutions to simplify his clinical responsibilities and ensure regulatory compliance without interrupting his workflow. Dr. DiMarino received his M.D. from Hahnemann University Hospital, M.M.S. from Hahnemann University and B.A. from Princeton University in Molecular Biology.

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