Case Study

Gastrointestinal Associates of Northeast Tennessee Improves Billing Operations and Helps Patients Better Understand Their Costs by Using gEstimator™

Practice Goals

  • Implement all-in-one gastroenterology software
  • Provide greater price transparency
  • Improve patient satisfaction

Key Benefits Experienced

  • Improved billing operations 
  • Saved time and increased efficiencies
  • Enhanced patient experience
  • Reduced refunds due to more accurate estimates

Learn how one gastroenterology practice improves billing operations and helps manage patients’ financial expectations with gEstimator.

Byron Cook

“gEstimator gives our practice and ASC the ability to provide our patients with an estimation of their expected out-of-pocket expenses for future procedures, allowing our office to collect upfront or set up a payment plan. This allows patients to be better prepared financially before the procedure takes place. gEstimator has helped our collections process and to decrease costs to mail patient statements. It has helped improve our overall billing processing.”


Gastrointestinal Associates of Northeast Tennessee, located in Johnson City, Tenn., strives to provide the best care possible to their patients in the treatment of digestive system diseases. In addition to providing the very latest in diagnostic and therapeutic technology, they aim to provide services efficiently and with compassion.

The practice wanted a healthcare IT suite that was gastroenterology specific and that would keep up with the constant evolution of the medical field. The group chose Modernizing Medicine® Gastroenterology’s suite that included gGastro® Endoscopy Report Writer (ERW), the award-winning* gGastro gastroenterology EHR and gPM™ gastroenterology Practice Management software. The practice then became a beta user for gEstimator™, which provides real-time out-of-pocket cost estimation within gPM in seconds. Angela See, administrative assistant, discusses the positive impact the all-in-one gastroenterology software has made on the practice and breaks down the key benefits of gEstimator.

Modernizing Medicine gastroenterology suite


Our clinic and surgery center have been in business for over 28 years and Modernizing Medicine Gastroenterology has been a scalable solution that has allowed our practice to grow leaps and bounds. In comparison to other vendors, gGastro is tailored to our gastroenterology needs. We implemented the full gastroenterology software suite because it made sense to have an all-in-one system managed by the same company versus dealing with multiple vendors.

After much success with gGastro and gPM, we decided to become a beta user for gEstimator because we wanted to provide better price transparency to our patients. gEstimator can instantly generate an easy-to-read, itemized sheet showing the patient’s estimated payment responsibility, copay and deductible calculated by our clearinghouse.

The support and training we received during our implementation of gEstimator was outstanding. We had hand-in-hand guidance from the Modernizing Medicine Gastroenterology team throughout the whole process. During the first day of go-live, they were on the phone with us for every patient and followed along with our computer screens. They were with us every step of the way, which gave us a lot of confidence that we were using the tool correctly.


gEstimator has helped improve our billing processes and saves us over half the time we used to spend in following up on collections due to less monthly statements and phone calls to patients. We now collect patient copays and other patient responsibility amounts upfront for a large number of our procedures, which has helped us better predict our cash flow. There is less A/R work on the backend because we’re collecting upfront. There has also been a significant reduction in refunds because the system enables the cost estimate to be more accurate.

gEstimator allows patients to be better prepared financially. If they are unable to supply the full payment, the gastroenterology software gives us the ability to set up payment plans. We can collect a credit card and the patient has the ability to choose which day to be billed on a monthly basis.


Patients appreciate the price transparency because we are able to set realistic expectations before they receive their bill, allowing the patient to make necessary payment arrangements, or set the payment plan in motion. There are no surprises. gEstimator has helped give our patients a positive experience and has given our practice the financial predictability to continue to grow.


*2020 Black Book™


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