Building an ASC Workflow for Return to Care


It’s more important than ever for ASCs to drive efficiency and deliver a seamless patient experience. During this not-quite-post-pandemic period, the consequences of missed appointments and procedures steadily grows.

Research is showing that many medical facilities are grappling with the backlog of deferred surgeries, elective procedures, and preventive care appointments. And, many patients remain fearful of the transmission of COVID-19 if and when they return to the doctor.

Prepare Your ASC for What’s Next

For ASCs, being prepared means driving the highest level of efficiency and delivering a great experience to every patient during each stage of the care process—from scheduling the appointment through to discharge.

Does your ASC remind patients of scheduled appointments or past due preventive care services?

gReminder+TM is a feature that fully integrates with gPMTM (Practice Management), allowing your staff to remind patients of and confirm appointments and making it easier to identify gaps in the schedule and quickly reschedule missed appointments.

With gReminder+ (requires gPM), your staff can also send out broadcast alerts letting patients know about changes to center hours due to inclement weather or when important updates occur, such as changes in COVID policies. With secure messaging, you may also remind patients that a screening is due or follow-up on other health-related inquiries.

Is your ASC ready for contactless appointments?

Enhance patient comfort and quell fears by limiting the number of people and areas of your office that your patients must come in contact with during an appointment.

Leverage gPortalTM to keep patients up to date on their pre-appointment needs. Allow patients to check their appointment schedule, get pre-appointment paperwork completed, and communicate updates to their prescriptions, co-pays, and more.

gGastro® solutions including modmed® Pay, gEstimatorTM (compatible with gPMTM), and gReminder+ (requires gPM), allow you to estimate and communicate projected patient out-of-pocket costs before their appointment. Patients can also use this information to plan ahead, work out a payment plan or pay their bill online.

With all the paperwork and payments addressed, patients can check-in for their appointment from their car using gReminder+ and stay safely inside their vehicle until an exam room or bed is ready. Your staff can use gReminder+ to alert patients when it is time to enter the building.

With gKioskTM, your team can take care of the final stages of the check-in process in the exam room, where patients can sign the remaining paperwork and pay any balances.

From home to the exam room, patients can experience faster check-ins, and feel safer with solutions that reduce contact.

Notes, Documentation and Procedure Orders—Enter One and Done

With your patients safely inside the surgery center, it’s time to focus on completing and documenting the procedure. Thanks to gGastro’s fully-integrated system, all the information processed into gPM before the appointment will transfer seamlessly to the gGastro EHR and over to the gGastro’s ERW, so there is no need to scramble for day of procedure notes or information collection.

Compared to working among separate systems, gGastro can reduce redundant tasks by up to 53 percent—reducing as many as 13 steps of data entry down to as few as six. Once information has been entered into gGastro, the data flows seamlessly to the other gGastro Solutions, including the mobile EHR, where you can view your schedule and tasks whether you’re at the office, hospital or ASC, or home.

gGastro Efficiency Chart

Is Your ASC prepared to document procedure notes and send confirmation to referring physicians in a few keystrokes?

Post-procedure, patients and their caregivers are usually ready to get home quickly. Lengthy report processes and referring provider communication can often make discharge a lengthy experience. However, with the gGastro suite of solutions, procedure notes can take as little as three minutes, according to Tri-County Gastroenterology’s Dr. Sam Gun:

“The all-in-one gastroenterology software has helped streamline our ASC operations and save time. The intuitive system adapts to my workflow, so I can document a procedure note in three minutes or less. With gGastro, the referring physician receives the report instantaneously. Patients will ask, ‘When will my primary doctor receive the report?’ and I can answer, ‘They already have it.’”

Help Achieve a Five-Star Rating Door-to-Door

Is your ASC delivering a five star experience? Hear from your patients and track quality metrics to make changes over time.

With gSurvey, you can establish a feedback loop to help enhance the patient experience. Find out the things your patients appreciate most in their experience and identify areas for improvement. Use that information in conjunction with gReminder+ (requires gPM) to grow your social reviews and search value.

With gInsightsTM, the analytics solution from gGastro, you can track quality measures across the board and see what areas of your operation should be improved or replicated. Track ADR, conduct prep quality, room turn time studies and more.

How easy is it for your ASC to manage recall?

Recalls don’t have to be complicated. With the gGastro suite of solutions, recall is automated. At the same time you are documenting end-of-procedure notes, you can input the date of recall and generate letters that can be sent via gPortal or US mail.

Tell Us, Is Your Technology Software Suite Supporting Your Success?

The ASC industry has become highly competitive. To stand out from the crowd, teams have to work together seamlessly and deliver those touchpoints that can really make a difference in the patient journey. If your EHR and ERW aren’t supporting your goals for excellence, it’s time to take a look at gGastro suite of solutions–it’s been rated the best-in-class for more than 10 years* for a reason. Discover tools and services that can put your ASC on the path to success starting this year.

*2021 Black Book™

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