Gorillas in Our Midst

To an outside person, being surrounded by three colorful yet menacing gorillas and five happy-go-lucky bananas (except the smirking, smarmy one – you know which one I mean) may cause enough head scratching to wonder if a visit to one of Modernizing Medicine’s on-staff dermatologists is in order. To those of us who travel every day to the two-story office building at the Research Park at Florida Atlantic University to support where we design, develop and market our Electronic Medical Assistant® (EMA™), it’s simply another day in the life with Magilla, Pinky and George and the five yet-to-be-named bananas.  What do these (sort of stuffy) characters have to do with our unique corporate culture?

Quite simply, Modernizing Medicine team members strive to excel – both at work and play. Securing over 15% of the dermatology market in less than two years of selling our specialty-specific electronic medical record (EMR) system is proof of the work. So is rolling out five new specialty-specific EMR systems for ophthalmology EMRplastic surgery EMRcosmetic surgery EMRorthopedic surgery EMR and otolaryngology EMR. That is not a surprising accomplishment based on the drive of ModMed team members who want to be the best and expect nothing less of themselves and their colleagues.

So on to the story of our stuffed team mascots…

They symbolize our team play time and teamwork. Led by CEO Dan Cane and CMO Michael Sherling, the ModMedders crowded into Dave and Buster’s for the first holiday party. We are a competitive, determined bunch, and there were chances to win at Skeeball, Spin Out and Monster Drop, to name a few. You can imagine the scene. Team members lined up to play—hard.

The hours of play and fun competition resulted in the capture of not one, not two, but three – yes three – gorillas. Team members left with their catch in tow, and the days of Magilla, Pinky and George as the corporate mascots had ceremoniously begun. They were behind the naming of our central meeting area: the Gorilla Lounge, where our mascots sit on display.

Time passed. More team members joined the tribe. Then…we returned to Dave & Buster’s on a First Friday, a day at the beginning of every month on which we celebrate our accomplishments with an evening outing. How could the team possibly return with a more successful bounty than three gorillas? Well, only by collecting a bunch of bananas for our three royal gorillas, of course.

We now have some top bananas hanging around, and they need names. Want to help us name them? If so, please share your thoughts below.

What will the team win next year? There will be more team members to help take home our catch. Are you one of the 30 rock stars that Modernizing Medicine plans to hire by the end of the year to help grow this already award-winning company? Check out our open positions and share them with your friends. Magilla, Pinky and George thank you!

Aaron Stoklosa
Aaron Stoklosa

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