Happy 5th Birthday, Modernizing Medicine!

As Modernizing Medicine turns five and celebrates being named one of the Best Places to Work by the South Florida Business Journal, we asked our team to share what Modernizing Medicine means to them, what their favorite aspects are of working here or reflections of the great work we accomplish. Together we are modernizing medicine and we’re thankful to everyone who has joined us for this EMAzing ride!


Olesen-Shelley I feel like I was destined to be a part of Modernizing Medicine. Five years ago I was at another company and I started hearing from two prospects of mine that there was a new technology out there “that was going to change everything.” How right they were! I joined Modernizing Medicine four and a half years ago and I feel like I’ve been living a truly blessed life since then.I joined Modernizing Medicine and I knew that I was helping doctors by selling them EMA. Now that Dan and Michael’s vision is becoming a reality, it’s clear that we are also helping their patients. I am so excited to see what the next five years bring and I am so grateful that destiny (or as Dan says: serendipity) brought me to Modernizing Medicine.Thank you Dan and Michael for your vision and for encircling yourselves with an incredible team that has become my work family!
– Shelley, National Sales Manager, Dermatology & Plastic Surgery

roberta Happy Birthday, ModMed! It seems like it was yesterday when you were a baby. Now you’re a toddler who is in the spotlight all across the US. I’m proud of your many accomplishments, all of your special talents and wish you a future full of wonderful surprises with many smiles & much laughter!

– Roberta, Senior Client Advisor
justin kent Modernizing Medicine means working alongside some of the smartest people in South Florida!
– Justin, Lead Scientist
audrey I have only been here for four months and coming from only working in law firms for 28 years I can only say this: ModMed is a tremendous company and this is the best job I have ever had! I love the people I work for (Karen and Mark) and those I work closely with – Trish! This is such a great environment and I am very grateful for having had the opportunity to be part of this family – ModMed Rocks!
– Audrey, Executive Administrative Assistant
adam_jackowitz I have been here for a little over six months and it feels like five years!  Having come from a company that analyzed and explored forward thinking technology to actually being a part of it happening has been an amazing experience thus far. Who knows what else we will have achieved in five more years! I am thrilled to be on this ride and part of such an EMAzing culture.
-Adam, Client Advisor
michelle_perry I want to say that in the six months that I have worked for ModMed, I have never been so happy. Never have I worked for a company that is so employee and client focused! I truly feel valued as an employee. I am also so passionate about my job and what I bring to the clients. This has been the best career decision I have ever made and I am so happy that I am Modernizing Medicine!
– Michele, Software Educator
karuna Great companies with the way they work, first start with great leaders. Thank you Dan Cane! Mod Med is my baby! I love Mod Med and it is really a pleasure to work here.
– Karuna, Director of Quality Assurance
susan mack I think it is amazing to see how much EMA has changed throughout the past five years. Between Watson, Miraca, Quest and how we are maturing as a whole, wow what a ride! It is such an honor to work here with such a brilliant and down to earth people. It has been a great four years and I can’t wait to see what the next four years will bring! Congrats EMA!!!!
– Susan, Dermatology Training Supervisor
brad rennick It’s been an absolute honor being part of this ride since 2011. Thank you Dan, Michael, and Karen for building something so disruptive and transformative, while leading with transparency, integrity and positivity. Happy Birthday ModMed, cheers to many more memories and milestones!
– Brad, Vice President of Client Services
jason-weisstein It has been a privilege to be part of such an amazing and energetic company for the past four years. The possibility of growing EMA and making a larger impact on the orthopedic community than the usual one-on-one doctor patient relationship is extremely exciting.
Jason Weisstein, MD, Medical Director of EMA Orthopedics
fredy daoud When I started working for Modernizing Medicine in January 2011, I was looking for a new challenge. I could not have imagined how much Modernizing Medicine would become everything that I could want.To me, Modernizing Medicine is work that I truly care about, passionately, with a fantastic team, on an innovative, industry-changing product. I’ve always enjoyed working on a product that makes people happier, more productive and improves, directly and indirectly, people’s lives. I’ve always enjoyed using the latest technologies to build great features, and see how they bring customer satisfaction. I’ve always enjoyed working with smart, motivated, and friendly people who share my drive and passion. Modernizing Medicine brings me all of that and more! It is an honor to work with such a fantastic team on such a great product. I am very proud to have shared the success we’ve had so far, and I look forward to so much more to come.
– Freddy, Development Contractor
rick Happy Birthday MMI!  Five Years Old!Although there are too many things to list on what we have accomplished as a company over the past five years, one of the main things that sticks out is our ability to maintain such a positive working environment and culture. It is apparent when we bring in partners to visit ModMed, to new candidates and new hires – our culture is so amazing and we are all on the same path. This spills out from our executive management team all the way through to our new folks on board at MMI. It’s easy to wake up each morning and head in to the office. We’re changing healthcare and Modernizing Medicine.
– Rick, VP of Sales
trish-dawes ModMed means the world to me – these are the best days of my 58-year working career as I am surrounded by the most, wonderful, gifted and talented people. Happy Birthday Mod Med!
– Trish, Executive Administrative Assistant
steve-turchan May 1, 2013, is a date in which I’ll never forget. That was the day I first heard Dan Cane speak about Modernizing Medicine and his vision of modernizing a broken industry. I began working at ModMed on June 29, 2013, and no other opportunity in life has given me more skills, chances to succeed, satisfaction and personal pride. This company took a chance on me when they didn’t have to. There were many more qualified applicants than I, however, ModMed took a chance on a raw young salesman and I will never forget nor take that for granted. Any of my family and friends can see and hear the passion whenever I talk about our company and where we’re destined to go as company and our mission to truly Modernize Medicine.
– Steve, Regional Sales Manager
stacy_ziegler As someone who was one of the very first clients of ModMed and now an employee, I have seen EMA mature and grow in so many ways.From the iPad Dermatology app getting a complete makeover, to adding many new specialties, to the hundreds of new employees and now a west coast office, the changes ModMed has made in such a short time is truly EMAzing!! The achievements ModMed has made is astounding. I am so honored and proud to be a part of such an incredible company and can’t wait to see where we are in another five years!
– Stacy, Senior Software Educator
nadeem Being part of Modernizing Medicine means being part of a family of diverse yet like-minded, gregarious yet cool, multi-dimensional yet focused partners who are working (and playing) together to transform healthcare.  As a practicing physician, I have the opportunity to impact the lives of individuals.  As part of Mod Med I am able to affect change on a population level — identifying opportunities for innovation, advancing quality, optimizing efficiency, facilitating collaboration and promoting health.  I am doing what I love, surrounded by the best and brightest, in an environment second to none.  I am excited to wish Modernizing Medicine a happy 5th and cannot wait to see what the next 5 have in store!
– Nadeem Dhanani, MD, Medical Director of EMA Urology
scott_ponder I love working at ModMed! Having struggled to advance meaningful change in the market after years of trying, it is very refreshing to be able to affect the industry in such an impactful way. I feel that the work we are doing is truly driving innovation in an environment that desperately needs it and I feel privileged to be a part of such a great team!
– Scott, Director of Business Development
odel_palmer I love the atmosphere, the professionals I work with, my favorite language Java, and one of my favorite OS’s as OSX.Happy Birthday ModMed!!!
– Odel, Senior Software Engineer
ebony The time that I have been a part of Modernizing Medicine, I have seen great leadership and growth throughout the company. Being a part of this amazing organization for me has been rewarding because I have witnessed how EMA has evolved and changed our medical environment and I am SUPER excited to be a part of such an awesome team of people and a corporation!
– Ebony, Corporate Receptionist
ari_blatt Being a part of Modernizing Medicine has been an incredible experience for me.I work with great people, who are both intelligent and fun to be around. We are helping to sell a product, which I truly believe helps doctors out, which in turn makes for a better patient experience. I am excited to see where ModMed goes, as we expand further into new products and ventures. I am truly grateful to have found my way into this company, and more importantly into this group of great people.
– Ari, Regional Sales Consultant
tara-ryan Happy 5th birthday! I’ve enjoyed watching you evolve over the past few years from a start-up to one of the Best Places to Work for large companies. And the fact that I can play a small role as part of the most incredible team to help Modernizing Medicine change the world is a career high that will be difficult to surpass. Thanks, ModMed, for everything!
– Tara, Marketing Communications Manager
ive Happiest birthday wishes Modernizing Medicine!Let’s celebrate with a toast:
Here’s to great leadership!To an organization filled with talent, wisdom, ambition, absolute success and a nurturing and cultivating culture!
To always striving to be the best in all that we do, and succeeding!
To continue to work hard and play harder 🙂 Happy 5th ModMed! Cheers!
– Ive, Support Operations Manager
luis-moss It has been an exciting experience working here at Modernizing Medicine. It was amazing to see us outgrow our Boynton Beach office and nearly fill up our current office with truly talented people. We have expanded from one vertical to eight verticals and the technology that we are incorporating into EMA. I am proud to be a part of the first five years of the company and excited to work with the teams here to continue to build and expand EMA’s capabilities. We are truly Modernizing Medicine.
– Luis, Enterprise Integration Architect
marissa_mallamo Being a part of Modernizing Medicine means seeing quotes like this and being proud that our company’s culture recognizes this. “Treat employees like they make a difference and they will.” – Jim Goodnight
– Marissa, Client Advisor
brittni Being a fresh graduate and new to the ModMed team I would never have thought that I would feel so comfortable and so excited to go to work every single day. I am so fortunate to be part of what is not just a team of EMAzing individuals, but what I like to call a ‘work-family.’
– Brittni, Marketing Associate
karen-moyer Happy Birthday Modernizing Medicine!Without a doubt this is the best place to work! I am extremely impressed with the level of talent and all around great people who I have the pleasure of working with here at ModMed. When I first came through the doors as a contractor I got a very welcoming feeling and am so happy to have found such a great home. I look forward to many years of continued success for ModMed and our employees.
– Karen, Corporate Recruiter

We are Modernizing Medicine!

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Aaron Stoklosa

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