Happy Birthday, Modernizing Medicine! We Heart You!

Modernizing Medicine team members love working here, and it shows. When asked to share some thoughts about our 4th birthday, the enthusiasm was overwhelming!

Scott“When we were originally starting to have educators teach EMA workshops instead of Michael, we used to have a secret hand signal we could throw up in the air while teaching for another educator or Michael or Jordan to come and save us.” – Scott W.
Ebony_2“I have been employed with Modernizing Medicine for three weeks. The people and the atmosphere here are very welcoming and great. I congratulate Dan Cane and the entire Mod Med Family on a successful four years!” – Ebony F.
“It’s cool, but not nearly enough bananas or gummy bears.” – Magilla G.Magilla
Emily“Although my time here at Mod Med has been short, the positive energy and “family like” atmosphere has been such a pleasure to be a part of. It’s nice to work for an organization where everyone is so passionate about their product. It’s been a wonderful experience so far.” – Emily M.
Trish“The best working days of my career have been the last 15 months working with such a wonderful group and team of people at Modernizing Medicine, Inc., and believe me when I say I have very many years of working experience!! I feel very blessed knowing my working career will end here, BUT you are not going to get rid of me for a few more years. I have so much respect for each and every one of you.” – Trish D.
Lindsay“I am one of the newer employees at ModMed and two short months has felt more like a couple years. The team is like family and ModMed is without a doubt the best place to work. I am honored to be a part of such an innovative organization that is truly in business to impact the quality of our healthcare for the better, and am so excited to continue to grow along with it! Happy Birthday Modernizing Medicine and look forward to the many more to come!” – Lindsay C.
“I heart ModMed!” – Shelley O.Shelly
Carolina“Three years ago I was invited to visit the Boynton Beach office to interview to work at ModMed. This was no ordinary interview. Since I knew Michael from our hospital days in Boston, it was like seeing an old friend, inviting me to see the beginnings of EMA’s home. Walking into the office I felt sparks, as if it was love at first sight. There were just a couple of desks, occupied by smiling faces. I was included in a standup where each person talked about where the team was on various projects. There was no way I could miss out on being a part of this — each person had such energy and drive. One of the executives walked me over to a window and said “How would you like your desk right here?” with a big smile. Overlooking the Intracoastal – Sure! I knew then that I was at the edge of something EMAzing. I have seen us go from our first 100 clients, our first e-rx, EMA 3.0 to moving from Boynton Beach to the Boca Raton office. I have been an EMAzing ModMed employee for 3 years, and I couldn’t be happier! Happy Birthday ModMed!” – Carolina H.
Diane“Four years old! To me turning four is like graduating. It’s a beginning – a time to really make our mark on the world. Happy Birthday Modernizing Medicine! It is an honor to be part of such an amazing team.” – Diane D.
Tara“I heard Dan Cane speak for the first time at Med-U-Tech and I knew this is where I wanted to be. His enthusiasm is infectious! And then I met the rest of the team and realized that everyone else feels the same way with Dan and Michael at the helm. I’m so honored to be part of the amazing team of some of the brightest and genuinely nicest people I’ve ever met, and I truly love coming to work every day to do my part to make Modernizing Medicine and EMA as good as we can to change the face of healthcare.” – Tara R.
Suri“Today I finished my 3 months here. What makes us different is, people. Nicest people I ever worked with, EVER. Glad to be among Nicest and Brightest.” – Suri G.
Banana“Modernizing Medicine sure is a great bunch of people. The culture appeals to professionals with a true collegial nature that are the bread and butter of the organization.” – Foster B.
Aaron Stoklosa
Aaron Stoklosa

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