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Congrats to our Human Resources Department of the Year!

At the Human Resources Association of Palm Beach County 2017 Best in HR Award event on October 19, 2017, Modernizing Medicine’s team was honored as the HR Department of the Year.

This award recognizes  the HR Department located in Palm Beach County that has developed best practices, unique programs and has demonstrated success through strategies that they have implemented. You can view photos of the event on Facebook here.

How our Team is Different group receiving an award

In many companies the Human Resources department includes functions of recruitment, compensation and benefits, training, safety, employee relations and more. Modernizing Medicine employs a unique corporate structure in that we have two distinct teams – Human Resources and Talent, Culture and Facilities.

The HR team manages employee relations, corporate policies as it relates to employees, statutory compliance, organizational development, benefits and compensation, payroll and new hire orientation. Our Talent, Culture and Facilities team manages talent acquisition, employee engagement initiatives, employee events, office services, expanded on-boarding and assimilation, facility operations, real estate and space planning to maintain and enhance our well-known positive corporate culture.

Milestones Along the Way

What contributed to our team’s win? Multiple major changes have occurred in our organization in the last three years, and many have involved the human resources team in one way or another.

Since our founding in 2010, Modernizing Medicine has grown quickly, and that momentum has increased over the last three years with exponential employee growth from approximately 250 employees in 2014 to over 600 in 2017; selling primarily one product (EHR systems) to many more; acquiring two companies that not only resulted in an increase of employees but multiple offices across the country and in Santiago, Chile; securing three rounds of funding totaling $289M; and announcing an additional 838 jobs and economic incentives with Florida Governor Rick Scott in July 2017.

The number of jobs created has increased demand on talent acquisition, compensation, benefits, payroll, facilities and more. Many of the jobs created are filled by local graduates, so our team has created an ever-stronger working relationship with the area colleges and universities. The addition of an office in another country has increased the complexity of our human resources knowledge as we now must adhere to wage and hour, compliance and other relevant laws and regulations in Chile, not to mention the cultural differences and new communication challenges that exist with a global presence. In addition, acquiring two companies comes with the requisite challenges including compensation and benefits, assimilating cultures, policy integration, retention, technology, communications and more.

Our Corporate Strategy

Talent and retention are always at the forefront of Modernizing Medicine’s corporate strategy. Our HR and Talent teams work closely with executive and senior leadership to create an effective talent management strategy across the entire employee lifecycle starting from talent acquisition, through planning and career roadmaps for our team members to help achieve their highest potential that aligns with our business objectives.

We actively cultivate an authentic and collaborative environment where leadership supports people to pursue passions and interests and to embrace new responsibilities and roles. In addition, the transparency from our leadership team provides a sense of trust, making a difference and doing things that matter.

If you’re interested in joining the incredible team at a growing company, click here to see what job openings are currently available.

Aaron Stoklosa
Aaron Stoklosa

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