Illinois Valley Orthopedics Shares Its EMR System Success Story

The orthopedics department at Illinois Valley Community Hospital (IVCH) Medical Group had been using a general EMR system that was not specific to orthopedics, leading to inefficiency and lost time spent customizing orthopedic templates. After researching numerous systems, they found an orthopedic-specific solution in Modernizing Medicine®’s EMR system, EMA™ for orthopedics.

Want to learn more about how they implemented the best orthopedic EMR system for their practice? We talked with Tara Salsman, Office Manager who shared their story.

Can you share with us why you started searching for a new EMR system?

Tara Salsman: The reason we started looking for a new EMR system is because our orthopedic surgeons weren’t really using the clinical side of our previous software. We needed a solution that would work for our providers and act as a tool rather than an obstacle. We heard about EMA through a recommendation from a well-known consultant. We researched Modernizing Medicine and decided to participate in a demonstration of EMA.

After you participated in the demo, what were a few of the features that stood out to you the most?

TS: The built-in orthopedic-specific medical content impressed us, along with the ease of use. When you turn EMA on, it’s ready to go. Minimal customizing or templates are required. EMA understood our workflow better than other products we had seen.

After the decision was made to transition to EMA, can you share with us a bit about the process?

TS: Our transition to EMA went smoothly. We participated in online and onsite trainings provided by Modernizing Medicine over a ten week period. We then did a soft go live, seeing a couple of patients a day in EMA to familiarize ourselves with the system. Within a few weeks, we were seeing 100 percent of our patients in EMA and we kept up our usual pace. It’s also been very helpful that we are able go back and access training information on modmed® Central, which is a forum provided by Modernizing Medicine to allow their clients easy access to product information, announcements and ongoing educational material. 

The team said ‘goodbye’ to orthopedic templates as EMA is built by actual orthopedic surgeons who understand the workflow, requirements and medical terminology needed for an orthopedic practice to thrive. Because the system is designed to adapt to each user’s preferences, EMA frees the providers at IVCH Medical Group from cumbersome templates so they can focus on their patients.

How did EMA compare to other orthopedic EMR systems you saw on the market?

TS: A lot of the other EMR systems we had seen would require months spent customizing the software to meet our needs and this would need to be maintained for years. We are busy seeing patients, so we don’t have time to spend customizing our EMR system. EMA comes equipped with a plethora of diagnoses to handle the types of orthopedic problems we see, which is very important to us. You can pull it out of the box and go. It’s that easy to use, and the outcome of the note is professional and complete.

How has EMA helped your practice to refine workflow, increase patient volume and become more efficient, all without sacrificing time?

TS: After we implemented EMA and adapted to the system, we began incorporating scribes into our workflow. EMA has empowered our scribes to give the physicians more detailed information about their patients, making them more prepared when they enter the exam room. EMA keeps us organized and efficient, allowing for consistently full schedules. Also, with just a few taps, the History of Present Illness (HPI) information can be entered in seconds, which saves time, and we can close out our charts the same day with the charges billed automatically. 

In the over two years you have been using EMA, can you share with us some other benefits you have noted?

TS: During this time Modernizing Medicine has made several improvements to the system and is always striving to make more. They make a point to listen to our feedback and incorporate our suggestions into EMA, which benefits not only our practice but also our patients.

To summarize (IVCH) Medical Group has experienced the following key benefits from their orthopedic EMR system, EMA including:

  • Increased efficiency and patient volume
  • No customization of templates required
  • Ease of use enables a smooth transition
  • Intuitive iPad interface streamlines workflow
Alexandra Bimonte
Alexandra Bimonte

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