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As a client and avid supporter of Modernizing Medicine, I am ecstatic to share some news. Drum roll please! On April 1, 2016, our practice (which was the first) launched the Financial Suite of modmed PM™. The Financial Suite includes electronic claims payments, patient billing, closing and reconciling functions, payer and provider fee schedule management and more. This is exciting news since our practice had the chance to be a part of this historic Modernizing Medicine moment.

This is the beginning of something great for Boca Raton Dermatology. Mary (Office Manager) and I submitted real provider claims to real insurance payers. To be exact, we submitted five claims to two payers the first day. All five were picked up and submitted via timed auto-processing, and all of them sailed through the clearinghouse. The successful transmission of electronic remittance advice (ERA) from TriZetto Provider Solutions (our clearinghouse) to modmed PM was a moment worth celebrating. Mary has even allocated co-payments collected during visits, and she has been able to process charges and payments outside of a visit successfully. The patient ledger has been a great tool to keep track of all payments and charges.

Saying ‘thank you’ doesn’t fully encapsulate just how pleased I am with the team from Modernizing Medicine. Angela (Product Launch Manager at Modernizing Medicine) and Aaron (Practice Management Educator at Modernizing Medicine) were on-site all day with Mary, Natalia (Administrative Staff) and I, as they walked us through the process from start to finish. Full disclosure, it was a bit nerve-racking at first! But the on-site team eliminated our fears and demonstrated the powerful combination of quality training, great user experience, thoughtful development and professional testing. As with anything new, there is always a learning curve and some mini hurdles to overcome.

When Angela asked Mary about her comfort level with modmed PM after the first day of going live, she answered by saying, “”Even though I am still getting used to the system, the workflow makes sense and it is easy to follow. We have accomplished a lot in a short amount of time since going live.”

The Friday of the first week after going live, our staff was filled with a mix of emotions from excitement, to delight and relief that it all went so well. I have been a happy Modernizing Medicine customer for 5 years and this addition brings an even bigger smile to my face. Kudos to everyone at Modernizing Medicine who made this a reality, and I know my peers are going to be equally excited.

*Dr. Howard Bueller has a financial interest in Modernizing Medicine.

Aaron Stoklosa
Aaron Stoklosa

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