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Joplin Ear, Nose & Throat Improves Overall Business While Saving at Least Three Hours a Day with modmed® Otolaryngology Software

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The Challenges

  • Outdated and unreliable electronic health record (EHR) and practice management (PM) systems
  • Separate vendors for EHR and PM systems
  • Excessive time spent charting at home
  • Lost financials due to previous PM system

Key Benefits Experienced

  • Integrated ENT electronic health record (EHR) system and practice management system
  • All-in-one ENT software system provides seamless communication
  • Patient-friendly platform adapts to style of practice
  • Improved operational visibility

ENT software benefits multiple facets at established otolaryngology practice.

“With my old EHR, I was near burnout spending three to four hours per night charting at home. EMA and PM have put a breath of fresh air into my life and my practice since we joined the Modernizing Medicine family.”   


Time to Move on to New ENT EHR Software

Joplin Ear, Nose & Throat had been using a hybrid of paper along with outdated EHR and practice management systems. The unreliable solution could no longer keep up with the practice or meet the demands of the ever changing compliance requirements. With two office locations in Joplin, Mo. and Galena, Kan., the team knew a cloud-based, all-in-one system was a must.

Tracy Carpenter, Office Manager at Joplin Ear, Nose & Throat said, “When I joined the practice in early 2016, our provider, Dr. Renee Walker, was using an outdated EHR system that wasn’t gathering the proper information to stay compliant, and it didn’t fit her practice style. She was still utilizing paper charts because she couldn’t rely on the software and was spending hours each night charting. In addition, we had a horrible experience with our previous practice management system, which was a separate vendor. They lost all of our financials to which we still haven’t recuperated.”

“When we started exploring different options, we learned that Modernizing Medicine had an ENT EHR system, EMA™, which was ranked number one according to Black Book™ rankings, and also a Practice Management system. Dr. Walker was intrigued because EMA is built by ENT physicians and the PM aspect sparked my interest as far as the reporting capabilities. modmed Otolaryngology had everything we were hoping for. It’s a cloud-based, all-in-one solution that would help us to streamline workflow, increase productivity and improve all of our business.”

A Breath of Fresh Air With New ENT EHR Software

modmed Otolaryngology helps automate tasks such as coding, reporting and billing, saving Joplin Ear, Nose & Throat time and increasing efficiencies.

Tracy shared, “At the beginning of implementation, we lowered our volume to get used to the flow and we had to learn to think a little differently. Thanks to the now seamless communication across the practice, our volume has increased, we work more efficiently and Dr. Walker saves at least three hours each day.”

Dr. Renee Walker confirmed, “With my old EHR, I was near burnout spending three to four hours per night charting at home. The ENT EHR, EMA, and Practice Management systems have put a breath of fresh air into my life and my practice since we joined the Modernizing Medicine family.”

Patient Information at Your Fingertips

modmed Otolaryngology has become an instrumental component that Dr. Walker and her patients benefit from.

“Whether Dr. Walker is on call, at our other office location or at a hospital, she can log in to EMA from anywhere and access the information she needs. She also loves having the ability to ePrescribe, particularly narcotics, which she can do in seconds. The convenience of the cloud ENT software has made our lives a lot less hectic,” said Tracy.

“Dr. Walker is big fan of the iPad EHR and uses diagrams and photos frequently to interact with her patients. EMA adapts to her style of practice and is patient friendly so it doesn’t interfere with patient relationships. She went from not wanting to let go of paper to now never touching it.” 

Reporting Made Easy

Modernizing Medicine’s Practice Management system has been a dream come true for Tracy, making detailed reports a breeze and financial turnaround times quicker.

“With the click of a button, I’m able to run a report, for example, on the most used CPT® code or most performed procedure. I like that I can go in and change my filters to see exactly what I need. When our accountant calls, it takes me seconds to get the information needed because the data is all there; I don’t have to search for it. Payment turnaround times have also improved, which is exciting. The practice operates better because of the way the information is organized and easily accessed.”

Support You Can Count On

“The Modernizing Medicine team was very helpful during the training process and I am still impressed with the support we receive. If we ever have a question, their team is only a phone call away. They take steps everyday to make modmed Otolaryngology the most user-friendly, technologically advanced system for ENT. They listen to their client’s feedback and they make it happen.”

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