#MeetModMed: Erin Daniels, Associate Product Manager, Enterprise

#MeetModMed Series

As an award-winning technology company, ModMed is known primarily for its innovative medical specialty-specific solutions. But that’s only half the story. The people that work here are at the core of what we do — they shape everything from how our all-in-one solutions are developed, to how we interact with practices, and everything in-between.

#MeetModMed is a series dedicated to exploring the numerous healthcare technology careers our organization offers, all through the lens of our fantastic people.

In this #MeetModMed, we talk with our Associate Product Manager, Enterprise, Erin Daniels, about her rewarding career in operations, customer service and education.

ModMed: What made you want to work at ModMed, and what were your first few weeks like?

Erin Daniels: Before ModMed, I was a Practice Administrator that implemented several EMR systems in addition to EMA. I wanted to work at a company that developed software with a focus on the physician and staff, and not just for government regulations. ModMed fit the bill in more ways than I could have imagined. My first few weeks were a whirlwind with so much to learn about the business, the software and the organization. Everyone was so generous with their time and resources, and I could tell they wanted me to succeed. At that time, I was a trainer for the Practice Management system and enjoyed helping practices implement our software as seamlessly as possible.

ModMed: You started at ModMed in 2016. How would you describe your career path from that moment to today?

Erin Daniels: I have been fortunate enough to work with some great teams at ModMed that have helped me with my professional development. While I started as Lead Practice Management Educator, I transitioned into other roles across the company including RCM Performance Operations Manager and Senior Payments Operations Manager.

Driving my career, having the right leaders and training programs available made all the difference. The leadership and project management courses I’ve taken through the organization have been instrumental in helping me develop processes, and will be instrumental in my upcoming work with our product teams.

ModMed: You’re involved in ModMed’s efforts to support women in technology careers (mmWIT). Can you share more about your involvement in that program?

Erin Daniels: mmWIT was founded in 2015 to support the development of female leaders through events, networking and learning opportunities.

In 2020, I became a co-chair for the community outreach committee. Before the pandemic, many of our women technology leaders engaged with PACE Center for Girls and Girls on the Run to support mentorship and learning. More recently I served as co-chair for the broader mmWIT organization and worked with the outstanding women in our committees to provide our mmWIT members with programming and development opportunities.

I was also fortunate to co-present with Susan Fink Childs, author of Common Nonsense? A Practical Guide to Managing Through Emotional Intelligence, who was gracious enough to join our leadership team at an mmWIT event. She provided insights from her vast experience, while we studied and discussed the chapters of her book.

This year, we held several events that focus on topics such as leadership, mentorship and career development, led by Krissane Fieldhouse, our VP of Product Management; Gayathri Narayan, our General Manager of Otolaryngology; and Suja Katarya, CEO and Managing Partner of Procure Analytics. We also held a beach cleanup, a fundraising drive for Miami Diaper Bank, and additional events over the course of the year.

It’s been an honor to work with such amazing and talented women to provide leadership opportunities and development within ModMed, and to inspire the next generation of women.

ModMed: Can you talk about the people who have made your ModMed experience special?

Erin Daniels: I work with many amazingly smart, dedicated people and have been lucky to work with most of the departments throughout ModMed at one point or another. One team that stands out is the ModMed Pay team. Celine Kaiser, VP of Payments and Commerce, along with the product development team, risk manager and architects, dedicated countless hours to ensure that our payments solution was developed properly and running smoothly. The ModMed Pay team is responsible for the implementation and support of over 700 clients, and continues to deliver outstanding customer service of the product.

ModMed: You’ve worked in the healthcare space for many years. Can you share a few insights related to how the business has changed over time?

Erin Daniels: Since I started my healthcare career in the 90s, I’ve seen some drastic changes in electronic records and payments. Back then, personal checks and cash were more prevalent. Many hours were spent in the office searching for charts, pulling forms for patients to fill out, and calling on outstanding balances.

Fast forward to today, practices that were reluctant pre-pandemic to utilize features like mobile check-in and autopay are now implementing these new technologies in their offices, saving their staff time so that they can focus more on customer service initiatives. It’s exciting to be part of a company that is bringing that innovation to medical practices.

ModMed: Can you tell us a bit about your extracurricular involvement?

Erin Daniels: My nephew has autism and I want to use my skills in coaching and organization to support programs that directly impact the community. That’s why I’m proud to be involved with organizations like Step Up for Autism, Strides in Motion and the Batavia Youth Baseball. I love working with the volunteers and kids at these organizations to help raise awareness, aid in therapy efforts, and bring joy to families and friends.

ModMed: Which ModMed core value most closely aligns with your personality?

Erin Daniels: If I had to pick one core value, I would choose “Align Passion with Purpose.” It’s great to know that the features we develop will help lead to satisfaction at all levels and workflows of our customers’ practices — from the clinical team to the front office. As someone who is not only customer service-oriented, but a longtime healthcare industry professional, ModMed has truly been the perfect fit.

If you find Erin’s career story compelling and would like to learn more, our team is growing quickly with open roles throughout the United States. If you’re interested in joining Erin’s team or simply want to learn more about what it’s like to work at ModMed, check out our careers page and follow us on LinkedIn.

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