#MeetModMed: VP of Sales, Rick Trefzger

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#MeetModMed Series

You have to think big in this industry to succeed—it was the case when we were a startup to keep up with the competition, and it’s the case now because we’re not slowing down.

ModMed® is known as a top healthcare technology company based on our innovative medical specialty-specific solutions. But that’s only half the story. The people that work here are core to what we do—they shape everything from how our all-in-one solutions are developed, to how we interact with practices and everything in between.

#MeetModMed is a series dedicated to exploring the numerous healthcare technology careers our organization offers, all through the lens of our fantastic people.

In this #MeetModMed, we talk with our VP of Sales, Rick Trefzger, about his rewarding career in medical software sales.

ModMed: Can you tell us a bit about your background working at ModMed?

Rick Trefzger: I have been with ModMed since 2012, and it’s by far been my most exciting chapter of personal and professional development. I started here when the company was in its startup phase, when it was necessary to be nimble to keep pace with the competition.

Back then, it was all about making a difference. And the exciting thing is even several years on, I still feel like I’m changing the industry by bettering the lives of our practice partners and the patients they serve. Knowing you’re making a positive impact is a feeling that can’t be beat.

While ModMed is a considerably larger organization today, we’re still looking to hire people who fit our culture of passion and belief in our mission of transforming healthcare.

When you combine great culture, opportunity for growth and the fact that what we do positively impacts the patient-doctor relationship, I honestly can’t think of a better, more rewarding  environment to work in.


ModMed: Why would a sales professional choose to work at ModMed?

Rick Trefzger: At ModMed, we offer plenty of career opportunities and support to grow your professional career. This includes management programs, training seminars and cross-function development for people who want to explore other areas of the business.

We also offer uncapped commissions, which means at ModMed you can truly be in control of your own destiny. If you’re a consistent performer and close business on a monthly basis, you’ll get regular commission checks and enjoy immediate recognition for a job well done.

On their own, cloud, mobile and healthcare are exciting, high-growth fields to be in. ModMed combines the three to form one comprehensive business function, making the nature of our sales opportunities much more interesting and forward-looking.

We invest in specialist-specific sales teams that focus solely on a defined medical specialty. With this model, when we work with a practice, our sales representative brings a keen understanding of the specialty’s pain points and practice workflows and can share the solutions our technology has to help them at a very specialized level.

We also stress the importance of value selling. Rather than simply showing a presentation and selling features of our technology, we spend a lot of time on practice discovery and assessment to gain a deep understanding of the practice operations. We want the practices to understand the resources and investment we have made in their specialty. We want them to feel rest assured knowing their technology transition with us will be smooth.


ModMed: What are some of the traits you look for in a great ModMed sales team member?

Rick Trefzger: The biggest thing we look for on the sales team is people with a good, natural, honest approach to sales. In our industry, many medical practices have gone through a lot of change in their technology and processes, especially after the pandemic, so when they make a technology decision, they want it to work and they don’t want to change partners again.

Practices can pick up on passion and energy, but authenticity really resonates. When clients truly see the positive effects of what we offer, there’s a good path for continued success. One of the most feel-good parts of my job is when a client walks up to me at an event and says ModMed technology helped create efficiencies and supports productivity within their practice. That’s really what excites me about being a part of ModMed.


ModMed: How does the sales team stay up-to-date with the evolving needs of medical practices?

Rick Trefzger: ModMed utilizes a number of fantastic resources that enable us to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to product needs, compliance updates and overall industry trends. Our managers then do a great job of distilling that key information for our sales reps to convey at the practice level.

Within client services, we’re constantly collaborating on pipeline development, issues we’re seeing in the field, ways we can improve training or onboarding and generally driving toward the same goal. Through this seamless inter- and intra-team support, ModMed is looked at by clients as more than an EHR, but a true technology partner that can provide support in several different ways.


ModMed: What does your day look like leading the ModMed sales team?

Rick Trefzger: I aim to be a servant leader. My goal is to remove roadblocks for my team, and ensure my leaders and the people under them have enough resources and support to coach, work on opportunities and ensure their reps are successful.

I also work diligently on looking toward the future and routinely evaluate how we’re positioned in the market. But if I need to be involved with a particular deal or sales strategy, I’ll be the first to roll up my sleeves and help carry it to the finish line.


ModMed: Which ModMed core value most closely aligns with your personality?

Rick Trefzger: Think big. Have fun. Do good. You have to think big in this industry to succeed—it was the case when we were a startup to keep up with the competition, and it’s the case now because we’re not slowing down.

We also want to have fun. With most of our sales interactions now taking place virtually, you want a practice to have a clear agenda but also leave thinking it was a good conversation, productive and fun.

Doing good has always been in my personality, and I appreciate the fact that ModMed does tons of good by investing in the organization, investing in employees and doing right by the practices we serve. That philosophy encompasses how I approach my business.

Our sales team is growing quickly with open roles throughout the United States. If you’re interested in joining the team or simply learning more about what it’s like to work at ModMed, check out our careers page and follow us on LinkedIn.

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