Modernizing Medicine is a Proud Partner in National Health IT Week 2013

NHITWeek_AvatarThis September, Modernizing Medicine® – as a partner in the advancement of health information technology to help improve healthcare – is joining approximately 200 public and private sector organizations to participate in the 8th Annual National Health IT Week (September 16-20, 2013). National Health IT Week 2013 is the premier event offering all healthcare stakeholders an opportunity to unite under one banner, expressing the benefits that health information technology (IT) brings to U.S. healthcare. “One Voice, One Vision.”

Comprehensive health care reform is not possible without system-wide adoption of health information technology, which improves the quality of healthcare delivery and patient outcomes, increases patient safety, decreases medical errors and strengthens interactions between patients and healthcare providers. Physicians and other healthcare providers could deliver better care with the knowledge of how medicine works in the real world.

To significantly revolutionize patient care, healthcare industry stakeholders – in part with the widespread adoption of effective electronic medial record (EMR) systems – need to become increasingly data- and outcome-driven. By collecting and utilizing structured data to visualize and trend patient information over time, as well as contextualizing treatment patterns at the point of care across millions of patient encounters, Modernizing Medicine’s Electronic Medical Assistant® (EMA™) is a transformative technology in this industry-wide movement.

EMA collects data from the patient and provider perspectives. Unlike a traditional “free form” note, EMA collects structured data on a per-disease basis. It knows what the relevant questions and clinically validated outcome measurements should be. Beyond measuring outcomes, EMA is capturing all of the analytics on disease frequency and treatment popularities – everything from detecting an outbreak in near-real time to showing treatment patterns for similar patients.

The EMA Network™, now comprised of almost 3,000 providers across the United States, is in the unique position to enable doctors to rate their own patients’ progress and see what works and what doesn’t in their own practice. They can then use this individualized, longitudinal information to adjust and select the best treatments that really work for their patients. This and other transformative technologies are leading the way in the advancement of health information technology.

Initiated in 2006 by the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS), National Health IT Week has emerged as a landmark occasion for using health IT as part of the overall solution to improve America’s healthcare as a bipartisan, federally led, market-driven initiative.

The Week consists of events in Washington, DC, and across the country, including National Health IT Week 2013 participants —vendors, provider organizations, payers, pharmaceutical/biotech companies, government agencies, industry/professional associations, research foundations, and consumer protection groups— all working together to elevate national attention to the advantages of advancing health IT. Modernizing Medicine is proud to be included as a partner in this vital initiative.

Visit for a full list of partners and updates on the Week’s activities. Working together with our growing coalition of stakeholders, Modernizing Medicine is helping to transform healthcare for all.

Aaron Stoklosa
Aaron Stoklosa

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