Modernizing Medicine’s EMA Named #1 Tablet EHR By Software Advice

Did you hear the EMAzing news?  Medical software buyer resource Software Advice published a “Top 10” list of the best user interface designs in the electronic health records (EHR) arena. At the top of the Tablet category? Modernizing Medicine’s Electronic Medical Assistant® (EMA™).

Software Advice’s The Profitable Practice notes that with the growing number of EHR products on the market, user interface design is one way for healthcare providers to differentiate among the sea of EHR systems. EMA’s specialty-specific EHR system learns how each physician practices and adapts to daily workflow in real-time. Another unique feature is the zoomable 3D EMA Interactive Anatomical Atlas™ that allows providers to select from over 36,000 touch-points on the human body and peel back the skin to reveal the muscles, joints and tendons.  This helps physicians to more accurately notate the location of specific findings.

Talk about differentiating…the EMA Network™ – encompassing EMA Outcomes™ and EMA Grand Rounds™ – is the latest addition to the EHR system leading the data revolution by harnessing structured data.  EMA Outcomes can track and visualize how a patient’s disease or condition has changed over time – longitudinally and at a glance.  EMA Grand Rounds gives physicians instantaneous access to how their peers across the EMA Network treat patients – just like the one they’re seeing.  Grand Rounds at their fingertips.

Software Advice chose to feature a snapshot from EMA Orthopedics™ EHR, but the EMA Interactive Anatomical Atlas is also available in each specialty specific EMA EHR system developed by Modernizing Medicine’s physicians for their counterparts: EMA Dermatology™ EHR, EMA Ophthalmology™ EHR, EMA Plastic Surgery™ EHR and EMA Cosmetic™ EHR.

Check out EMA’s award-winning design here: The 10 Best Designs in Medical Software. Want to see this award winning, specialty-specific EHR in action?  Click here.

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Aaron Stoklosa
Aaron Stoklosa

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