Learn how Randall Dermatology Adds Efficiencies Resulting in Increased Revenue With the Dermatology EHR, EMA™


Indiana dermatology practice adds efficiencies and sees more patients

Making the Switch to a New Dermatology EHR

With nine locations and nine providers, including a dermatologist and eight mid-level providers, our well-established practice has served the state of Indiana since 1989. We feature a full line of services, including various laser skin treatments, aesthetic skin care, Mohs surgery and general dermatology for health, wellness and beauty.

Unhappy with the amount of time it took to document in our previous electronic health record (EHR) system, we knew we needed to seek out a new solution. We needed a dermatology EHR system that would work seamlessly across multiple locations and could help aid in increasing revenue and improving patient interactions.

Our previous EHR required the cumbersome process of creating different templates for each provider. When we saw our first demo of EMA™, we were truly blown away by the ease of documentation and dermatology-specific information already built in.  

More Time = More Patients

List of available Protocols in EMAEMA’s Protocols feature allows our practice’s providers to create master visits for frequently encountered conditions. This gives them the ability to record patient, procedure, diagnosis and treatment information once, then effortlessly apply it to exams.

With the extra time our providers save, we can add even more patients to the schedule. The Protocols feature is a favorite among our providers. It’s so quick! They can document a visit in about 30 seconds, and then they’re done.

Additionally, with the Results Log feature, we no longer have to rummage through a huge binder or fear misplacing pathology reports. Since EMA has the information right there, we can quickly and easily track down and view reports on a daily basis.

An Increase in Efficiencies Results in Increased Revenue With Our New Dermatology EHR

EMA suggesting ICD-10 codes for burnSince EMA automatically suggests ICD-10, CPT and modifier codes based on the provider’s actual notes and populates them onto the bill for review, it helps eliminate guesswork and translation tools.

As a result of this, we have seen a significant increase in our overall revenue. We found that before starting with Modernizing Medicine, we were actually under-billing or weren’t billing for certain visit codes at all. When we started documenting those same visits in EMA, we began to code to the level of work that we were actually doing, giving us the ability to capture missed revenue. 

Engaging Our Patients With an iPad EHR

Photograph of hand in EMA with notes for biopsy The ability to use an iPad EHR with EMA helps our providers stay more engaged with the patients, and the patients are more engaged with the providers and their own care. Since documenting the visit is so quick, the staff can spend more face-to-face time truly seeing the patient and focusing on what the patient needs versus sitting behind a desk or screen documenting.

Part of a Community That’s Modernizing Medicine

With Modernizing Medicine, I have on-demand access to modmed Central™, an online knowledge base, and belong to a community of active EMA users.

When I start my morning routine and I open my computer programs for the day, I bring up modmed Central first. I love it! I log in every morning, read what’s been posted, review any new updates and keep it open all day. If someone calls from the clinical side and needs help documenting, I can quickly reference resources in modmed Central. It’s proven to be a great tool to interact with and learn from other practices.

Modernizing Medicine has definitely lived up to its name and reputation. The company has cutting-edge technology, offers top-notch products and provides great customer service.

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Key Benefits Randall Dermatology Experienced Using the Dermatology EHR System, EMA

  • Saved time resulting in seeing more patients
  • Improved office operations with automatic coding suggestions
  • Enhanced patient interaction with a native iPad EHR
  • Gained on-demand access to a community of users
Paula Ubelhor

Paula Ubelhor

Insurance and Billing Manager at Randall Dermatology

Paula has worked at Randall Dermatology for eleven years where she currently handles MIPS, insurance, billing and IT related tasks for the entire practice. She is an EMA superuser and has been a Certified Dermatology Coder (CDC) for the past three years. To learn more about Randall Dermatology, click here

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